The Making of the Biker B!tch Crew

Allow me to introduce you to some of the coolest chicks you will ever meet.

Image2013 Biker B!tch Crew

Some of these girls I have known for years while others only for a short time, but what I can tell you about this particular group is that we share a unique and special bond that only female bikers can truly understand.

Let me take you through the making of this pretty fantastic group.


Fall 2004 I bought my first Harley.

Summer 2005 I started riding with a crew I had only met a couple of times (including my now bestie, Sara).  They welcomed me with open arms, and I am eternally thankful for that being a new rider at the time.  Sara and I quickly became close friends.   She is one sassy lady with the kindest, most caring heart.  Sara and I have been by each others side through some pretty major life events and I am forever thankful for her friendship.  She is my #1 BBB.   (Best Biker B!tch, for those that may be confused) 🙂

Summer of 2006 Sara and I officially formed the Biker B!tch Crew…. or Duo I guess we should have called it at the time.

Even with just the two of us, we knew we were on to something pretty great. 🙂

ImageSara and I: Summer 2006

Holy Old School  Some of these older year pics have made me laugh-out-loud tonight.

Each year we started to recruit a few more girls to our Crew.

There is something pretty darn awesome about being a woman in control of your own bike.




Sara’s sister, Liz, joined us next.  Liz cracks me up with her sense of humor and say it like it is personality.   You know where you stand with these two sisters and I love that about the both of them.  Good people.  Good hearts.

ImageSara, Me, Liz

Then came Tammy; Sara and Liz’s step-sister.  Tammy actually bought my Harley-Davidson Sportster which was fun for me to see it passed on to another kick ass chick!  Loads of fun the four of us gals had that summer, let me tell you.

Soon after Tammy joined us, my friend Heidi came aboard.  Heidi and I met in 2006 when we both started working for the same company.  We bonded and survived that nightmare of a job, quickly became great friends and a few years later I had the privilege of helping her search for her first Harley.

And, this is where the years get a little blurry and I have no photos.

Sad affair, but we won’t dwell.  The best is yet to come!

Fast forward to 2010.

ImageHeidi, Sara, Tammy, Jordan and Liz


The photos above were taken at Heron Bay in Louisville, NE.  Fun little dive bar on the river.  Highly recommend for a summer pit stop.  Don’t expect fanciness.  It is definitely a dive.

ImageLiz, Sara, me, Heidi, Tammy Chrome Lounge, Omaha, NE

Bottoms Up, Ladies!

2011 Biker Bitch Ride we added my girl, Tyree.  Tyree and I met when I moved to Omaha in 2006 and she’s become one of my closest friends and confidants.   We have some pretty wild things in common that helped us bond in just a few short weeks.  Tyree didn’t have a Harley when I first met her, but she invested a few years after.  I also had the privilege of joining Tyree while she made her first Harley purchase!  So much fun.

I can’t help feeling like a proud momma when my friends purchase new bikes!

In true Bitch Ride fashion, it rained the day of our 2011 ride.  It always seems to rain on us, but usually passes through pretty quickly.



We were poured on.  But, we didn’t let it damper our spirits.  Nor were we going to be called fair weather riders, so off we went!

2011 biker bitch

Me, Tyree, Liz, Heidi and Sara

Shiddle-E Dee – Clarinda, IA


ImageEssex, IA.  We started a tradition of chalking the tables in 2011.  😉

2012 we added CB, Lara and Kayla to our crew.

CB is an old friend/step-mother figure of Sara and Liz and is such a caring and kind woman.

Kayla is one of my very best friends since our High School Days.  She and I were often up to no good, but we have some of the best memories together and I am forever thankful that we have remained besties in our adult years.  The shenanigans just don’t stop, especially since her husband and mine are inseparable.  They honestly should just move in together and Kayla and I could just pay them a visit every now and then. 🙂

Lara is one of Kayla’s close friends and is an absolute ball of fun.  I love this woman’s humor, compassion and zest for life.


ImageNever truer words.

The day of our 2012 Ride a few of the gals were just meeting each other for the first time.  I was the only one that knew all of them, a couple of the others knew all but maybe one or two and then there were a couple other gals that didn’t know but only one.   By an hour or two into the day it was as if we had known each other for years.

This is the kind of friendship that can’t be explained.  I can say it until I am blue in the face, but there really is something about bonding over two wheels.  We share the danger, the excitement, the adrenaline and the enhanced sense of caution.  We look out for one another, we never leave someone behind, we encourage, poke fun and genuinely care for each other.

But don’t let all that fool ya…. We are often up to no good. 🙂


ImageBottom Right – Clockwise – Kayla, Me, CB, Sara, Lara, Heidi, Liz and Tyree


No shame in saying it how it is…. 😉


For the record, it did rain that day.  Why would you think any different?

2013- 8th Annual B!tch Ride

Our largest group yet!  We added three new ones this year!

Regeana- Tyree and I met her at the Holstein’s 2013 All Women’s Run about a month prior to the Bitch Run.   She showed up to the run by herself in hopes of meeting a few other ladies to ride with.   We started chatting her up at the first bar stop and we have shared the open road with her ever since.  Regeana has two kids and a husband overseas.  She is a rockstar of a woman.

Ashley – a friend of my husband’s who I reached out to and invited her on the B!tch Run spur of the moment.   Remember that talk about building fast friendships on 2 wheels?  Ashley didn’t know a single one of us until this day.  I was even just meeting her for the first time!  So glad she stepped out of her comfort zone and joined us.  She is an absolute sweetheart and we all loved her from the get-go.

And Katina, didn’t know anyone but me (she grew up with my husband), but the gals literally took her under their wings within minutes.  Katina is such a quiet, sweet soul with a sneaky side to her (um, she just up and moved to Colorado for goodness sakes).   Thankful Katina was able to join our rowdy bunch and didn’t run away thinking we were all too crazy.

I am blessed to know such strong, kick ass, beautiful, fun loving women that I can call dear friends.

ImageHeidi, Regeana, Me, Kayla, Sara, Katina, Tyree, Liz, Ashley, Lara


Our first stop on the 8th Annual B!tch Ride landed us in Macedonia, IA for lunch.  Our second stop (above) landed us in Griswold.  And this is where we remained for longer than anticipated due to…… you’ve got it…


That’s ok though.  We had more then enough fun while stranded.

ImageOur attempt at recreating our 2012 hand in pocket photo.

Can we say, FAIL?


Stop 3- Red Oak, IA


Stop 4 and 5 – Essex, IA (chalk table) and Imogene, IA for none other then Little Beer Shots.

So. Good.

       So. Lethal.

                You’ve been warned.


Case In Point – You may end up in a kiddie pool….

ImageTyree and Yours Truly


And that my friends, is the History of the Biker B!tch Crew.

Awesome Girlfriends, Crazy Shenanigans, Lots of Laughs, Forever Memories.


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Christmas Recap, Money Giving Idea & A Rolo Cookie Recipe

Hi All!  I hope you had a very Merry Christmas with family and friends.  We had a whirlwind of Christmas Celebrations, but loved every single one of them.

Money Giving Idea!

Clint wanted to give his nephews cash for Christmas.  What kid doesn’t enjoy receiving money, right?


We taped each bill together, placed them in a wrapped container, attached the last bill to a bow with directions to pull carefully.


I was so excited to see their faces as they pulled the string of money out!

Christmas Eve Celebrations

Our first celebration on Christmas Eve was with Clint’s mom, step-dad, siblings and nephews.  Debbie always cooks SO MUCH FOOD and it is always so very good.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling real well that day, so I didn’t get to enjoy the yummies.  😦  However, it was still a great day being with family.

And, the boys faces, say it all with their gifts:




Good luck getting through that maze:


What a fun first Christmas Celebration!

Our Second Christmas Eve Celebration was with my dad’s side of the family.  I enjoyed chatting with my grandpa, aunt and uncle and cousins.  Always a good time with them. 🙂

DSC00590 BW

My Gr’pa and I

DSC00592 BW My Cousin Megan and I

Totally wasn’t feeling very well and the pictures definitely show that.  So much for thinking I was doing a good job of hiding it!  Yeesh!

After our  Christmas Eve celebrations we headed back to the city so that we could be home on Christmas morning with Kyle!    We do a LOT of driving during the holidays.  We racked up a total of three trips to Clarinda, IA and back in four days.

Oh hello crappy gas mileage!

Christmas Morning:


Kyle and his pile.  It should be noted that some of those were also from his grandparents.  He was unable to make the Christmas Eve dinner due to his work schedule.

Who remembers High School retail hours?  Thank goodness those days are behind me!

DSC00602Fake smiles anyone?  At least they obliged. 🙂


The aftermath.  Even Champ was exhausted!


Clint spoiled me ROTTEN!  I mean, seriously.  A Kitchen Aid Mixer and the Yamaha keyboard I had been wanting.  This thing is legit!  Super excited to play again.  🙂  I have a piano in Clarinda at my dad’s house, however, who wants to haul that thing around?  No thanks.  He can keep it as a clothes hanger.

After we finished our Christmas Day Celebrations at our house, we headed back to Clarinda to spend the afternoon with my mom, step-dad, Bro and Gr’ma.

Mom had a delicious spread of snack foods, lasagna soup, desserts and of course champagne and beer.


We snacked, sipped, opened gifts and shared a lot of laughs.  It was a perfect Christmas Day afternoon.


Paige.  My mom’s baby.


My Bro, Gabe and his lifeline.


Clint and Gabe


My mom and step-dad.  They have the coolest back porch.  My mom has a knack for decorating.  It’s like a little cottage setting back there.  So cute.

DSC00634Yours Truly

I am going to leave you with a Rolo Cookie Recipe that I again, only make once a year (like my Caramel Chex Mix), but these cookies only go to my Uncle Craig.  Well, they are made with the intent of just going to him, but my grandpa, aunt and cousins seem to always anticipate their arrival as well. 😉  I found this recipe originally on   Those chicks are my recipe heroes.


Rolo Cookies

1.  Unwrap Rolo’s and Mix together cake mix, oil and eggs.

photo 4

 2. Wrap dough around one Rolo

photo 5

3. Bake for 7-8 minutes at 350

photo 1

4. Sprinkle with powdered sugar

photo 3


photo 2

Merry Christmas to You From Me!


Wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas!

My gift to you is the recipe for my most requested treat, Caramel Chex! I only make it one time a year for a very specific reason:

It’s ridiculously addicting.

Consider yourself warned.


Step 1: Heat sugars and butter over medium heat. On a prepared baking sheet spread out cereal, nuts and coconut.


Step 2: Coat cereal mixture with caramel mix. Try not to drool.


Step 3: Stir well, place in oven for 24 minutes, stirring every eight minutes to assure every cereal bit gets equally coated.

Step 4: After the 24 minute baking time spread mixture out on greased parchment paper making sure to create an even layer.


Allow to cool for 10-15 minutes, stir and break up with your fingers, continue cooling until caramel has set.


Step 5: Try to keep your significant other out of it


Step 6: Store as desired. I place mine in Gallon zip lock bags and add M&M’s. As the Chex settles it will stick together, creating clumps, so keeping it stored in baggies allows you to massage the chex mix to break it up.


Printable recipe:


I hope you enjoy family, friends, food and drinks over the next few days.


Spreading Holiday Cheer with Ugly Sweaters and Lots of Beer

It’s been a fun last few days. Today I’m trying to recover.

Cue Champagne Headache.


Let’s recap!


Thursday was my last work day until January 2nd! That’s what’s up.

It was also my last day in Office #1152. I move offices and jobs after the new year. Exciting things are happening! 😉

Let’s hope I can keep a cleaner office in 2014.  New Years Resolution, perhaps?

20131222-134611.jpgNo one ever follows through on those things.

That evening my friend Jessica and I went to an Ugly Sweater Party at Omaha’s newest Brewery and Distillery, Borgata. It is owned by one of our hometown friends, Holly Mulkins and her fiancé, Zac. They just opened the doors a few weeks ago so it was great to see the fruits of their labor.



We enjoyed a crisp Pilsner, one of the best Bloody Mary’s and an Eggnog inspired drink.

20131222-131229.jpgAbove photos Courtesy of Borgata FB page

I look forward to visiting Borgata again soon!


Friday was spent doing last minute Christmas present shopping, a little house cleaning and teaching my last TurboKick class for the 2013 year.

That evening we went to an Ugly Sweater Birthday Party for our friend, Shawn.  Some seriously hilarious shirts amongst that crew.

20131222-131836.jpgThe Birthday Boy.   His catch phrase “Want to see Santa’s balls?” 



20131222-131915.jpgHow cute are these 3 roommates?  Christmas Tree, Skirt and Present.  Clever.



Girls Night! Carrie and I met up with Tyree at her new house. Very excited for her! Beautiful home, cute neighborhood and a decent backyard for her puppy, Caza. We had appetizers and champagne at her house before heading to the Homy Inn.

Oh Hello, champagne on tap.  Can I interest you in a pitcher?


We shared a lot of laughs and a few inside jokes over the yummy bubbly.

Stupid faces, free of charge!


The crappy iPhone photos make me sad.  My brand new Sony DSLR is being sent in for repair.  Unhappy camper here!  Don’t even want to talk about it.

Moving along…

After the Homy we made our way to the Ozone to listen to the band eNVy.

Natalie Thomas, lead singer, is a powerhouse and so fun to listen to.   I’ve seen them a few times before and they never cease to amaze me.


Photo Courtesy of FB


And, so here we are at Sunday.   So far today I have managed to not do a whole lot.  I have finished wrapping presents, made a pasta bake, ran to the store and watched The Santa Clause.   I will probably spend the rest of the day picking up around the house and making my first round of Caramel Chex.  Every Christmas I get multiple requests for this addictive treat.  Recipe to come!

Have a great day, friends!