Transformation Tuesday- Fit For Christmas Entry 3!

I am actually on time this week!  Shocking even to me! 

As a new #SweatPink Ambassador (super excited my “application” was reviewed and the Fit Approach ladies deemed me worthy of acceptance into their awesomeness… THANK YOU!!!) and a 2014 goal of being a Fit Fluential Ambassador (I am almost there with my growing visitor/subscriber list thanks to YOU my fellow blogger lovers), I am trying to find a happy balance of posting.  

That balance being posting about my lifestyle (purpose of the blog) with a healthy dose of Better For You recipes and a positive (without-being-all-up-in-your-face-because-that-is-annoying) dose of fitness inspiration and workout ideas.   

Today is Entry 3 for my Fit For Christmas workout routine.

I plan on doing this tonight when I get home.  I am feeling sore today after my morning TurboKick class (Shout-Out to my girl Claire for coming to class so early!).  I think I am more sore from my weight routine.  I upped all my weights and I already feel it.  It’s a happy hurt though, folks.  Bring it!

Go Kick Some Ass today!


Christmas Is My Favorite! Ugly Sweater Run


Ugly Sweater 5K Run, 2013
Team ~ Christmas is My Favorite
Omaha, Nebraska


We lucked out today considering the temperatures here in Omaha haven’t hit above 10 degrees in over a week. Today we saw temps in the 20’s. A little cold starting out, but PERFECT once we had about 1/4 mile under our feet.


We saw some sweet homemade shirts, Buddy the Elf and ended our day at the bar for some warm soup and of course a few beers.


Carrie, Kayla, Tyree, Jen and Me!


Better For You ~ Gingerbread Granola

Good morning!  Hope you all have enjoyed a good weekend.  I am on my way out the door for the Ugly Sweater 5K run with a group of gals.  It’s going to be COLD!!

I wanted to share with you first a Gingerbread Granola recipe I put together last week.  I have always steered clear of granola due its usual high sugar, butter and oil content.   This recipe I created contains NO butter or oil and incorporates nutrient dense ingredients. 








I was pleasantly surprised that my first batch turned out really good.  I packaged it up into mason jars and handed them out to some of my coworkers for a fun holiday gift. 



Merry Christmas!  Have a great Sunday!


Cardio Circuit- Fit For Christmas

Short and sweet today.   I am already two days behind my promised Fit For Christmas Series. 

Today is all about the circuits.  This morning in my TurboKick class we did a double round of the Turbo section which inspired the following Circuit.

Kill it, kids!



My trusty NikeAir Max get me through all my TurboKick workouts, but I can tell they are wearing out at a lot faster since I started teaching again 5 weeks ago. 

Oh darn, that means I have to go buy new shoes.   What girl hates that? 

My current shoes are the 2013 Air Max:


Have you SEEN the 2014 Air Max?  Come to mama!! 

Love Love Love! 

You can bet those babies are on my Santa List.  (I am pretty sure I will be Santa in this case).  I am loving 2 of the 3 new color schemes.  Decisions.  Decisions.



Check them out here


Happy Thursday! 

Snow, The Nutcracker, Three Generations and Busting My Jeep out of Jail

Considering how cold it is outside, I am questioning my geographical location.  It is already reading ZERO degrees.  What happened to a gradual cool down Nebraska?   Yeesh!  The cold is a bit of a sucker punch, but the snow that came along with it was welcomed with open arms.  It started coming down Saturday night around 11:30pm and didn’t stop for roughly 24 hours (off and on intensity, thank goodness).   Of course, this type of snow fall is what we call White Gold around our house.  My husband runs a business that takes him outdoors to ‘play’ in the white gold and sequentially turns me into a Snow Widow.


Sunday morning, I woke up around 5AM (I know…), gave the hubs a quick call to see how he was holding up, stoked the fire, checked emails and then set out for Zorinsky Lake to take some photos.   (<— Link)

Such a peaceful place in the middle of the City.  One of my faves.

As I was heading home after my attempt at nature photography, my friend Claire called me up and asked if I wanted to meet at Amato’s for breakfast.  Um, yes.  Yes, I do!  She had perfect timing as my stomach was rumbling!


Claire and I both had the two egg, bacon and potato combo.  Never thought I would tell someone to go to a particular restaurant for their bacon, but this is a must.  And the toast.  Holy Yum.  It was a great morning to catch up with Claire and have a warm comfort food style breakfast.  I am told that Amato’s is known for their pancakes.  They throw in Ricotta of all things.  hmm.  I wasn’t feeling adventurous yesterday morning, but I may try them some day.


Photo Courtesy of TripAdvisor

The rest of my afternoon and into the early evening was spent with my mom and Grandma!

We had a date to see The Nutcracker!


I love attending events at the Orpheum Theater.  Sitting at over a Century old, the Orpheum provides such a unique experience, almost as if you are being transported back in time.   The artchitecture is magnificent, the furniture detailing unique, the sculptures immaculate.  The Orpheum is a sight to see if only for just a visit.

orphPhoto Courtesy Omaha Performing Arts

My grandma recalls attending movies when she was a young child and pointed out a staircase leading to the basement level.  She said that as a child you were able to visit the lowest level, but it has since been closed off due to the dangers of the steep staircase.   I will have to ask her to share more Orpheum stories sometime.  What a wonderful glimpse into that particular time of life it would be.


Three generations!  🙂

We had GREAT seats for the show, sitting at the Grand Tier level, very first row.  The local dancers were absolutely amazing.  The young kids were adorable.  The scenery… stunning!   I was fully engaged and honestly, several scenes left me wanting more.  The grace and beauty and strength.

We followed up the ballet with margaritas (wine for me) at Roja Mexican Grill in the Old Market.  We had planned to hit Nosh, however, with Creighton and Nebraska playing that evening, parking was impossible.  Roja provided us with good guacamole and drinks and a perfect setting to chat.


After our drinks it was time for Mom and Gr’ma to make the 90 mile trip back to Iowa so they drove me to the parking garage I left my jeep in.

That should be a simple task, right?

Ya, Nope.

We found the parking garage locked, cage doors rolled down, and NO ONE to be found.


Apparently, on the weekends, they close up the parking garage after the events at the Orpheum are over.  They failed to mention that to me.  CRAP!

I called the towing company to see if by chance they had towed my vehicle.


I called the number of the help desk.


I walked over to the gate to see if I could pry it open when all of a sudden my mom heard voices.


A couple of gentleman were on the other side of the gate getting ready to lay salt down.  One joked with me that I went to the bar and didn’t invite him and then expected him to let me in to get my Jeep.

Yes, sir.  That is exactly right.

Thankfully, they let me bust my Jeep out of Jail without bond.


Thanks OPPD parking garage attendants.  You made this chick’s night!  (And my mom’s as she was not looking forward to driving me across Omaha to my house).

I hope you all had a fulfilling Sunday as well!

So tell me…

Have you gone to a production of The Nutcracker?  What was your favorite scene?