You’ve Got Mail

I love getting the mail.

Even if it’s just bills hanging out in that little black box, there is still something exciting about walking to my mailbox and getting mail that was sent just to me.  I know… weird.

But, what’s even better is when there is a box to open!


Yesterday I received my candle order from San Jacinto Candle based out of Texas. I have talked about these candles before, and I can’t say enough great things about them.   Each candle is made with love as they are hand poured with 100% sparkling palm wax.  And the scents are fantastic!

My favorite scents are Dickens Christmas, Pumpkin Pie Spice and Hot Apple Pie.

This round I ordered Birthday Cake and Creme Brulee.  The hubs thinks the birthday cake smells like Angel Food Cake, which happens to be one of his most favorite desserts. =)  I can’t wait to burn them to see what aroma it produces.

And bonus!  I also received a tart and air freshner to test.  How great is that?


Did I mention that this company is owned and run by my sweet sister, Missy?  If you have been following me for a while, you probably already know that, but I am proud of her and the products she is producing so of course I have to gloat on her a little more!

san jacinto

Find San Jacinto Products here:



Make sure to order one or two.  You won’t be disappointed.

do it

So, I have to tell you, I am just shy of 10 weeks from the Lincoln Half Marathon.

10 weeks!!!

YIKES!  Time to start training, for real!   Sunday I was able to get out and run 3 easy miles.


I haven’t been out to pound the pavement in a VERY long time, and it felt great!   Not to mention, we had just gotten home from a 10 hour car ride.  We spent the weekend with family skiing in Colorado!  SO FUN!  That recap to come soon.


My training plan isn’t as strict as it should be.  However, between teaching TurboKick 6 times a week, doing Insanity on my own to build up strength and stamina so I can start teaching it in a few weeks, plus working a Full Time job AND teaching Education classes for a University at night, my open times are slim to none.  Clearly.

My training will definitely be weekend warrior style.  Anyone else do that?  Not sure this is the best plan, but I am going to give it a go.  My only goal is to beat last years time of 2:10.  I am determined and competitive enough that I will do it, I have no doubts. 🙂

Speaking of my Education classes… I scheduled their Final Test Review for last night.  I transferred tests questions into a Jeopardy PowerPoint.  Who knew that playing Jeopardy would still be fun for College Juniors as it was when I taught 7th and 8th graders.   Studying made fun!   It’s good for all ages!


We were taking a mini-break in this photo.  =)

I hope you all had a great Monday and that Tuesday is off to a good start as well.


MNB February Challenge Week 3 Recap

Yesterday ended Week Three of the Move Nourish Believe Challenge hosted by Lorna Jane and Sweat Pink Community.   I had a lot of fun participating each day and found myself looking forward to the unique challenges. Congrats to all who completed the daily challenges!  Your Instragram photos were inspirational!

You can find my Week One and Two recaps here:

Week One

Week Two

Now for my final MNB Recap!

Week 3 Day 1: Monday, February 17th

Spoil Yourself!  Do something for you today!  Go for a walk, go to yoga, spoil yourself!


I spoiled myself by going to the Harley store for a little retail therapy after I hit up the doctor for meds.  Was on Day 5 of bronchitis at that point and needed an extra boost to get over it.  Ended the evening with a warm blanket, my comfy couch, some TV and a hot mug of tea.

Week 3 Day 2: Tuesday, February 18th

5 Mindful Minutes!  Do good to your body, meditate for 5 minutes and find your zen.


5AM, peaceful morning, moon still out, house asleep, candle lit, 5 minutes of quiet focus.

Week 3 Day 3: Wednesday, February 19th

Be Happy!  Show us your happy place!


A lot of people and places make me happy.  Can’t possibly narrow it down to one.  LIFE makes me happy.   My motorcycle, my dog, my friends, working out, riding with the HOH’s, my husband and stepson and my family.

Week 3 Day 4: Thursday, February 20th

Thankful Thursday.  Let us know what you are thankful for.


Thursday I was very thankful for a weekend in the mountains with my family.  Each year, my husband’s mom and stepdad take the entire family to Copper Mountain for 4 days.  The picture above was from our condo living room.  Could handle that everyday! 🙂

Week 3 Day 5: Friday, February 21st

Share the Love.  Shout-Out to your #1 supporter and motivator!



This Guy.



Cheers to a Great Challenge!  Thanks to Lorna Jane and Sweat Pink for hosting!  I look forward to the next one!


To my readers, make sure to check out Lorna Jane Active for some great workout gear and Fit Approach for motivation, tips and tricks for everything health and exercise related.

Viva Las Vegas- Part Two

Why is sleeping in impossible on vacation?  It’s vacation.  We are supposed to sleep in right?

I was up at 6AM.

Six…. A…. M….

Internal Alarm Clock is a bitch sometimes.   Or it could have been the Red Bull still going strong in my system and a killer headache I had started to sport.

Aleve, water, a few more hours of dozing in and out of sleep and magic: headache be-gone.

On the agenda: The Forum to shop with my girl, Cyndi.


Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin, Armani, Gucci, Tiffany and Co. and I all rubbed elbows for the day.

And, after witnessing the shopping styles of the rich and famous, we soothed our egos and slimmer wallets with Fat Tuesday Slushies.



Vodka Red Bull Slushie for Cyndi, Rum and Fruit Punch Slushie for me!

fat tuesday mug

Next up, Cyndi took me through the Bellagio to check out the Botanical Garden.  Truly amazing to see the extensive displays of flowers, plants and scenery.


Each horse was covered entirely with grass, moss and other types of greenery.  No green thumb here, so don’t ask for descriptions beyond a kindergarten level.


On our way out we checked out the Fiori Di Como, a glass sculpture that hangs above the 18 foot ceiling.


On our walk back to meet the men in our lives, we caught a quick look at the Bellagio fountains, Eiffel tower and I had to throw in a pic of Planet Hollywood where my girl Britney is living for the time being.


I am very sad she and I couldn’t match up our schedules this trip.  I’ll catch her next time around. 🙂


Once we caught back with the husbands, we all decided to take a walk to the Harley Davidson Cafe.



The cafe had a conveyor belt that circulated the room.  Pretty cool to see a handful of Harley’s floating above your head.  We decided to stick around the Cafe and sit outside on the patio.  It was GORGEOUS that afternoon and it served as a good meeting point for the rest of the group.

Our bill was impressive!


The afternoon soon slipped by and soon we found ourselves in a limo headed to Fremont Street!   While there we ate some great food, listened to decent music, drank a lot, gambled a little and had ourselves a great last night in Vegas!


Limo Shenanigans


Fremont Street


Cyndi and Shelli.  End of night and adorable as ever.


After Fremont Street we headed back to the hotel and ended our night in varying capacities.

But, a weekend in Vegas wouldn’t be complete without random cots in elevators and someone getting arrested a few doors down from us.




I’d say this was the perfect ending for a Vegas weekend.


Viva Las Vegas- Part One

It only took me 33 years, but Vegas is finally checked off my Bucket List.  Oh what fun we had in the 48 hours that we were there.

Friday the 7th, Clint and I boarded a plane at 6AM for our connecting flight in Denver. We don’t look too shabby for that hour, eh?


Omaha is apparently super lame in the direct flight department.  Once we hit our layover in Denver we headed straight to the bar.

It’s Vegas weekend!  Why wouldn’t we get started right away with Bloody Mary’s and Beer?!



A few cocktails later and we were on a plane to VEGAS!

Our weekend accommodations were at The Flamingo.  This is where we met up with the rest of our crew who had all gotten in on Thursday.   The Flamingo provided us a decent stay.  Nice large room, comfy bed, big bathroom mirrors (every girls needs those).  What more do you need while in Vegas?


Pink blankets and curtains.  But of course!


The view from our room.

Once we checked in our group walked over to the New York, New York to hit up some tables and do a little shopping.  All with Vodka Red Bulls, of course.  Those seemed to be the choice of drink for the group over the weekend.  I have a copy of the bill from Saturday to prove it.

I was completely impressed that you can walk anywhere with a drink.  Um, awesome.  And the shopping was over the top fantastic, not only for the shops, but for the scenery as well.  How cool is this interactive ceiling?  Apparently, it thunderstorms at certain hours.  I missed that show, but I can see how much of a head trip this would be with a few too many cocktails.  😉



 Clint never takes off this HyVee sweatshirt.  I know.

That evening we went to Zumanity.  What I can offer to you regarding the show is to keep an open mind.  It is very explicit in nature, but the athleticism, dedication and artistic expression that these individuals exude was out of this world.  I was truly impressed and entertained.


After Zumanity we split and went different directions.  Some of us gambled, some hit up the bar, some called it a night.  Clint and I took off and walked around the Strip long enough for me to capture a few night pictures.  I wish we had spent more time out and about because there is SO much I didn’t see and my pictures are incredibly disappointing, but shoe choice and sleep deprivation started to catch up with us around 2:30am.





Saturday night adventures include hefty bills and cots in elevators.  Stay tuned!


We are just THAT special, folks.