Arctic Zero Chocolate Review

Have you had a chance to try Arctic Zero Frozen Desserts (AKA- Ice Cream)?

Up until last week, I had never been given the consumer opportunity, but thanks to a lunch hour trip to Hy-Vee midweek , I was able to score a pint of the 150 calorie gem!

YA!  Points for the Council Bluffs Hy-Vee Health Market!

The three flavors to choose from were Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry.   Typically, I go for the vanilla flavored ice cream, but knowing this was going to be a stretch of the pallet, I chose chocolate.




I was bummed that the full array of flavors weren’t available as I would have been ALL over the mint chocolate cookie.

Or how about the cookies and cream?





After previously reading a few reviews on Arctic Zero, I knew that for best flavor and texture, it needed to sit out for a little bit before eating.   I would imagine the consistency to be a little like frozen yogurt if eaten directly out of the freezer.  Not creamy, but more slushy.

I let mine sit for a good 10 minutes or so and dug right in.




I was very pleasantly surprised!    The chocolate flavoring was legit..  No skimping on the flavor there!   The texture was soft and very close to ice cream consistency.   I’d definitely recommend this as an occasional treat when craving ice cream but don’t want/need all the extra calories.  Having only been able to try chocolate, I can’t speak to the other flavors, however, after reading it seems as though the vanilla flavor is one to steer clear of, but the coffee won quite a few votes which strikes me as odd.   I think coffee flavoring is best left to actual coffee, yes?


Arctic Zero Nutritional Information:




Nothing to get excited about in regards to nutritional value, however, the carb to protein ratio isn’t half bad considering it is a frozen treat!


Tell me: Have you tried Arctic Zero?  What did you think?

Work It Wednesday- HIIT It! – Total Body

Work It Wednesday! 

First in the series of HIIT workouts you can easily do at home!

All you need is yourself, an open floor, a bottle of water, towel and an interval timer.  <— Link to an online version!


The Plan:

HIIT Total Body


If using the online Interval Timer, set your interval timer for 10 sets.  Enter in 30 seconds for High Intensity.  Change the Low Intensity Default to REST and enter in 10 seconds for the time.  60 seconds for Cooldown.



Now, you’re ready to rock!


Proper Form:

High Knees

Squat Jumps

Lunge Jumps



Mountain Climbers

Tricep Dips


Oblique Twist




Good Luck!




8 Miles of Sore Legs, Cramps and Lost Glove

As of yesterday I have 6 weeks left before my second ever half-marathon.

Last year around this time I was running 4-5 days a week.

This time?


I am what you call a weekend warrior.   Running during the week just doesn’t work for me.  I teach 6-8 fitness classes a week.  In order to keep my energy levels high for my classes, I fore-go running during the week day.

We will see what that does to my Half-marathon goal time.  It is an interesting test, that’s for sure!

Today’s run was Brutal.

Straight. Up. Awful.

Last weeks 7 miler felt like a cake walk.  Today’s 8 I knew was going to be ROUGH before I had even hit 1/4 mile.

But, I set my mind to it.  I wasn’t taking walking as my answer.  So what that I hurt?  So what that I was already winded?  So what that it was cold?  So what that my pace was slow as molasses?  So what?

You set a goal.  You do it.  No excuses. 

Let me take you through my little joggy-jog.

Mile 1 was rough.  Just straight brutal. Worst mile time I have had in probably over a year.

Mile 1.1– stepped into the grass to tuck my Under Armour shirt in.  How annoying when it starts riding up.  UGH!  Thought maybe the 30 second rest would rejuvenate me.

Ya, nope.

Mile 2 wasn’t much better.  And I got passed.

I wanted to think “bastards“.

I made myself think “motivation to keep up”.


Mile 3- Construction zone.  Please no cops.  I sure don’t need a ticket for trespassing during this stupid run.  COME ON, Omaha.  Let’s get this Pacific street bridge finished already.  There is a whole other stretch of the trail that I want to see!

Mile 3.2– Back through the construction zone thanks to missing sidewalks.  Guess they actually meant it when they placed those signs saying ‘No Access’


Mile 4– Ok, feeling good.  Legs are looser.  Feeling a little warm.  Removing gloves and putting in pocket.   Met this friendly lady who smiled and said something to me.  Music is loud my friend, no idea what you just said to me, so I just smile and wave.

Mile 4.5 – WIND!  COLD WIND!  Hands are freezing.  Reach for gloves.

DANGIT!   Lost one.

I wonder if that’s what the lady was telling me….

Turn around and head back looking for lost glove.

Mile 5– Found my glove!


Mile 6– Deep breaths, stretch the torso.  Seriously cramps… you need to make a swift exit, stat.


Mile 6.5– Thank the Lord, no more cramps.

Mile 7– Ya,  I can do one more mile!  NO problem.   I’ve GOT THIS!


Mile 7.5– That was the worst idea EVER!


Mile 8–  I see my Jeep!  Oh thank heavens!  IT’S OVER!

I love my Jeep, I love my Jeep, I Love my Jeep.

Must stretch.

NO, do not sit!



So, as you can tell… I had many times where I could have just thrown in the towel.  But, I didn’t.  I stuck to it and finished.  My split times were the highest they’ve been in a long time, but that’s ok.  It wasn’t a race today.  I knew it wasn’t going to be a PR kind of day from the get-go, so throwing my goal pace out the window was necessary.

I finished.  That was the goal. 

So, set your goals for the day and achieve them, friends.

Then come back here and tell me alllll about it!


Weekend In Review

Hope you all had a great weekend!  Mine flew by far too quickly.

As typical.


My weekend in review:

Friday – DAY OFF!!   Went to Clarinda and had my girl Kayla fix my ridiculous roots.  Hello over 1 inch growth.  Yeesh!   She’s been my hairstylist for many many years.  And I will continue to drive 180 miles round-trip to see her for as long as I can make it fit in my schedule.  Not only because I like how she does my hair, but also because it gives us time to catch up in person rather then text and phone.

roots are for trees

After my hair appointment I had the chance to catch up with my brother Gabriel for a bit.  For those that kept up with my post in January regarding his illness, I am happy to report he is doing FANTASTIC!  He looks good, feels good, working full time, moved into his own apartment, writing and drawing again.  Seriously, proud of him.

You can follow some of his writings here —->  Gabriel’s Tumblr


That afternoon I met back up with Kayla and Nicole for some lunch and cocktails at Ice House.  Ice House is a hometown staple, owned and ran by my High School classmate, Jenn.   They had some new things on the menu which I was very excited to try!  I highly recommend the Greek Salad for those that visit.  Kayla had the salmon and steamed veggie plate, which also looked incredible.

ice house

Luckily for us, it was nice enough for patio cocktails!  YES!

Vodka Cranberry’s, Miller Lite, gossip and laughter galore.  Was a MUCH needed and welcomed afternoon with my gals.


After a solid 5 hour reunion with the girls and a promise to have a re-do of this day again soon, I hopped in my car and drove home to Omaha for more girl time with Jessica.

We planted our happy butts at Buffalo Wild Wings, snacked on their new Garden Platter (seriously, it’s good), indulged in a few ice cold beers and chatted the night away.

chill beer

A great Friday with some of my fave girls.  Can’t beat that!


I spent my morning cleaning up THIS disaster.

Welcome to my spare bedroom…. AKA my dressing room.   Can you even tell there is a bed under that pile?




The good news is I took this as an opportunity to get rid of a few clothing items.  One pile went to Plato’s Closet.   They handed me $31 for my unwanted clothes!  SCORE!   Another pile made it’s way to Goodwill.

Now, room for more clothes!  That’s how it works, right?

Saturday afternoon had a great chat with my friend, Sara.   We had such a great discussion on big dreams, setting goals and taking action on them.  I LOVE having those kinds of conversations with friends.  The ones that are inspiring and motivating.  She is very business savvy and an achiever through and through.  I can’t wait to see what this girl comes up with next.  😉

After our chat, I snuck in a 5 mile jog on the Big Papio Trail.  I just LOVE Omaha trails.  This little bridge makes my heart happy.



Saturday evening was spent updating files, paying bills, setting up accountability group posts and watching a little SNL.  Low-Key evening was just the ticket!

Sunday-I want my weekend back.

Nothing exciting today other then I got in 8 miles!   They were hands-down the most brutal 8 miles I have had in a while.  Last weeks 7?  Cake walk.  Today’s 8?   WHEN WILL THIS EVER BE OVER?  Recap on that coming tomorrow! =)


Cheers to Sunday Evening!




Oh, You Ride a Motorcycle?

We’ve all been there.  We meet someone new and we attempt to start a conversation.  Often the conversation starters default to career choice or the weather.  Other times the topic might be connected to something more personal, like what the person is wearing or what they are driving.

And then you have the conversations revolving around the fact you ride a motorcycle.

While I  respect the attempt at striking up a conversation, there are just some things better left unsaid.

In the spirit of keeping this lighthearted, take my opinions with a grain of salt

and a shot of tequila.

Keep Talking

Top Annoying Questions to Ask A Biker

1. Can I Sit on It?

Checking out motorcycles is what we do.  Whether at the store, outside a restaurant, bike night or a rally; bikers walk around, look at others rides, dream, take mental notes, make wish-lists and maybe even snap a few pictures.  Guaranteed you will find someone making lovey-dovey looks at another persons bike.

That is where the admiration ends.  Don’t be that guy and ask:

“Can I sit on your bike?”

Maybe next time I get that question I should answer with —>  “Sure you can sit on it!  Can I have the keys to your car as well?  I’d love to get in it, maybe take a few selfies behind the wheel, turn the radio on, roll the windows down… you know”.

don't touch


2. Did You Ride Today?

Maybe a few coworkers know you ride.  Or, you’re at the grocery store and you have some Harley-Davidson gear on.   Outside, it is noticeably miserable and not ideal riding weather.    Naturally, someone will ask

“Did you ride today”

… they chuckle and give you a little elbow nudge.

Yep, buddy.  Sure did!



3. “YOU know how to ride THAT?”

Oh, no, no, no.  Don’t be silly!   It has this cute little button that when I push it, the bike magically goes VROOM down the interstate in the direction I want it to go.



4. A little too much power for a woman, don’t you think?

What does that even mean?

Please, let me introduce you to these lovely ladies, who, as a matter of fact ride their own machines.

Now, what was that question, again?

8th annual


5.  So You’re An Organ Donor.

I don’t know how many times I have heard “You know that doctors and nurses call bikers organ donors don’t you?”

Great!  But, please tell me how riding a motorcycle makes me any more of an organ donor then a runner, or a cyclist, or a person walking across a major intersection, or a person changing their tire on the side of the road?   At any time freak accidents happen.  Aren’t we all essentially walking organ donors?

But, thanks for the heads-up on what other people say about us.  I was very concerned.


6. Don’t Crash

Well shit… There goes my plan for the evening.


And Lastly:

7. What About All the Bugs That Hit You?

They Die.



Trying to find a way to strike up a conversation with a biker?  Perhaps, when did you start riding, might be a good place to start.

Or even better… Why do you ride?

We may stick around to tell you all about it!



Your Turn!

Have any you’d add to the list?