Weekend In Review

Hope you all had a great weekend!  Mine flew by far too quickly.

As typical.


My weekend in review:

Friday – DAY OFF!!   Went to Clarinda and had my girl Kayla fix my ridiculous roots.  Hello over 1 inch growth.  Yeesh!   She’s been my hairstylist for many many years.  And I will continue to drive 180 miles round-trip to see her for as long as I can make it fit in my schedule.  Not only because I like how she does my hair, but also because it gives us time to catch up in person rather then text and phone.

roots are for trees

After my hair appointment I had the chance to catch up with my brother Gabriel for a bit.  For those that kept up with my post in January regarding his illness, I am happy to report he is doing FANTASTIC!  He looks good, feels good, working full time, moved into his own apartment, writing and drawing again.  Seriously, proud of him.

You can follow some of his writings here —->  Gabriel’s Tumblr


That afternoon I met back up with Kayla and Nicole for some lunch and cocktails at Ice House.  Ice House is a hometown staple, owned and ran by my High School classmate, Jenn.   They had some new things on the menu which I was very excited to try!  I highly recommend the Greek Salad for those that visit.  Kayla had the salmon and steamed veggie plate, which also looked incredible.

ice house

Luckily for us, it was nice enough for patio cocktails!  YES!

Vodka Cranberry’s, Miller Lite, gossip and laughter galore.  Was a MUCH needed and welcomed afternoon with my gals.


After a solid 5 hour reunion with the girls and a promise to have a re-do of this day again soon, I hopped in my car and drove home to Omaha for more girl time with Jessica.

We planted our happy butts at Buffalo Wild Wings, snacked on their new Garden Platter (seriously, it’s good), indulged in a few ice cold beers and chatted the night away.

chill beer

A great Friday with some of my fave girls.  Can’t beat that!


I spent my morning cleaning up THIS disaster.

Welcome to my spare bedroom…. AKA my dressing room.   Can you even tell there is a bed under that pile?




The good news is I took this as an opportunity to get rid of a few clothing items.  One pile went to Plato’s Closet.   They handed me $31 for my unwanted clothes!  SCORE!   Another pile made it’s way to Goodwill.

Now, room for more clothes!  That’s how it works, right?

Saturday afternoon had a great chat with my friend, Sara.   We had such a great discussion on big dreams, setting goals and taking action on them.  I LOVE having those kinds of conversations with friends.  The ones that are inspiring and motivating.  She is very business savvy and an achiever through and through.  I can’t wait to see what this girl comes up with next.  😉

After our chat, I snuck in a 5 mile jog on the Big Papio Trail.  I just LOVE Omaha trails.  This little bridge makes my heart happy.



Saturday evening was spent updating files, paying bills, setting up accountability group posts and watching a little SNL.  Low-Key evening was just the ticket!

Sunday-I want my weekend back.

Nothing exciting today other then I got in 8 miles!   They were hands-down the most brutal 8 miles I have had in a while.  Last weeks 7?  Cake walk.  Today’s 8?   WHEN WILL THIS EVER BE OVER?  Recap on that coming tomorrow! =)


Cheers to Sunday Evening!




6 thoughts on “Weekend In Review

  1. “Sunday- I want my weekend back.”

    Me too! 🙂


  2. Wow – all you did Friday! Good work….and always so nice spending time w/ the girls. I did the same thing Saturday and majorly cleaned out my closet and all my drawers….such a great feeling!!


  3. A two day weekend is not enough. One day of chores, and one day of fun, if lucky!


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