Arctic Zero Chocolate Review

Have you had a chance to try Arctic Zero Frozen Desserts (AKA- Ice Cream)?

Up until last week, I had never been given the consumer opportunity, but thanks to a lunch hour trip to Hy-Vee midweek , I was able to score a pint of the 150 calorie gem!

YA!  Points for the Council Bluffs Hy-Vee Health Market!

The three flavors to choose from were Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry.   Typically, I go for the vanilla flavored ice cream, but knowing this was going to be a stretch of the pallet, I chose chocolate.




I was bummed that the full array of flavors weren’t available as I would have been ALL over the mint chocolate cookie.

Or how about the cookies and cream?





After previously reading a few reviews on Arctic Zero, I knew that for best flavor and texture, it needed to sit out for a little bit before eating.   I would imagine the consistency to be a little like frozen yogurt if eaten directly out of the freezer.  Not creamy, but more slushy.

I let mine sit for a good 10 minutes or so and dug right in.




I was very pleasantly surprised!    The chocolate flavoring was legit..  No skimping on the flavor there!   The texture was soft and very close to ice cream consistency.   I’d definitely recommend this as an occasional treat when craving ice cream but don’t want/need all the extra calories.  Having only been able to try chocolate, I can’t speak to the other flavors, however, after reading it seems as though the vanilla flavor is one to steer clear of, but the coffee won quite a few votes which strikes me as odd.   I think coffee flavoring is best left to actual coffee, yes?


Arctic Zero Nutritional Information:




Nothing to get excited about in regards to nutritional value, however, the carb to protein ratio isn’t half bad considering it is a frozen treat!


Tell me: Have you tried Arctic Zero?  What did you think?

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