We Have a WINNER to Rick Springfield, Eddie Money, and Little River Band!

Congratulations goes out to Liz M********!

You and one other person are going to RICK SPRINGFIELD, Eddie Money and Little River Band on June 6th!

You have been sent an email from Harleys & Heels.  Please check your email ASAP and get back to me for further details!


concert ticket winner


For those who still want to go but didn’t win the tickets?

Have no fear!

$10 off code:  Harleyj





Congrats again to Liz!  have so much fun and take tons of pics to share with us. 🙂





Friday Faves

1)  Let’s Start This Friday Fave session with links to a few of my favorite blogs.
Check them out.  You won’t be disappointed.

Yellow Mango Life

  • Katie
  • Fellow Omaha Blogger
  • Cruz- her adorable little boy
  • Killer fashion
  • Awesome vacation recaps
  • Kardashian fan
  • And a girl I am confident I could have some serious Happy Hour fun with once we finally meet up.

High Heels and Shotgun Shells

  • Dani
  • Hilarious
  • Cute style
  • Lives in Kentucky
  • Killer blog name
  • She’s legit.

Prairie Californian

  • Jenny.
  • Beautiful, passionate and has the most interesting and romantic love story I know.
  • I came across her blog last fall when I started mine (I think I searched the word “Harley Davidson” (no way, me?) and she popped up).  I’ve loved following her ever since.   And, she’s gracious enough to swing by my lil old blog and leave me fun messages occasionally too.
  • Jenny…I will meet you and your hubby one day on those Harley’s of ours. 🙂
  • Some of you may already be familiar with her due to the popularity of this post: 10 Ways Marrying a Farmer will Change Your Life

Peanut Butter Fingers

  • Julie
  • All-around fun person to follow
  • She posts some incredible workouts
  • Sadie- the most adorable pup
  • Blogs frequently about her adventures with her husband Ryan.
  • Seriously cool chick.

Iowa Girl Eats

  • Kristin
  • Iowa
  • Hawkeye Fan
  • Adorable son Lincoln
  • Killer recipes that make you want to lick the computer screen
  • Enough Said.


2) Leinei’s Summer Shandy.  It’s summer, it’s hot, it’s beer drinking time.   CHEERS!



3) Bodybuilding.com deliveries on my door step.  They even threw in some free stuff.   Christmas at my house!



4) My fave part of this picture is that it shows we survived cooking enough food for 100 people.   Other fave part?

We won’t ever do it again.



5) My Loves




6) We are almost done with the basement remodel!   Buuuttttt, considering our calendar schedule for the next few months, it might not actually get finished until Fall.   Eh.




7) Homemade Clif Bars.  Recipe coming next week!



8) Brantley Gilbert’s new album Just As I Am dropped on May 19th.

It’s delicious.


BG Just as i am


9)  My YMCA.  I LOVE all the people at the gym, especially the Tuesday / Thursday crowd.   It’s truly a family.  Come join my Turbo and Insanity classes.  You won’t be disappointed.




10) The Omaha Bloggers Group I belong to.   Such a fun group of women with incredible blogs.  I have learned an awful lot from many of them and have been involved in some pretty exciting activities, no thanks to the connections made.

Check out our new website and stay tuned for some cool things to come!

Omaha Bloggers






A High School Graduate

Hard to believe we have a High School Graduate in our house!


From this little guy


To this handsome young man

Kyle was 10 years old when he came into my life and from the get-go I was accepted into he and his dad’s little corner of the world.  I am eternally grateful for that kid and the joy he has brought to my life.  I love his easy-going personality, humor and outlook on life.   Honestly, the coolest kid I know.



The last 8 years have been full of adventure and entertainment.  I am sure the one thing Kyle won’t miss once he leaves for college is listening to me crabbing about the million vehicles in our driveway.    I mean, seriously.  How many trucks does a 17 year old need?

Apparently when you have Clint for a father, owning multiple trucks is not only acceptable, but expected.

What’s that saying?  Choose your battles?

I lost that one.




Did I mention we also park trucks in the front yard?

Completely acceptable.

May 18th, 2014 crept up on all of us!  I can’t believe how fast 8 years went for me.   I can only imagine it felt the same way for his dad and mom as they looked back on 17 years.

Clint is so proud of Kyle.  It shone through in multiple ways on Graduation Day.




In true Kyle fashion, the family found out he was leading the Pledge of Allegiance AND providing the Class Welcome by reading it in the program prior to the ceremony.

Nope… he didn’t tell a single one of us.   Is that a typical boy for you or teenager?

Regardless, I’d say that is pretty awesome to be nominated by your peers to lead the address.





He of course did such a great job.  The kid shows no nerves.  Ever.

He is much like his father.

They like the attention. 🙂






What a great moment it was to watch him walk across the stage and receive his diploma!






His charming personality shown through as he convinced this lovely lady to turn and face his family for a photo opp.



Happy kid, I’d say!


Soon after the ceremony was finished we found ourselves walking around like paparazzi trying to track the man of the hour down.


My brother has some killer style.


After a few short minutes, we got to him.

Brace yourselves for proud papa moment #2, my friends.



We had the graduation party immediately following the ceremony at Kyle’s moms house.  He had a great showing of support and love.

Party = Success


Aren’t those cupcakes adorable?


A few of Kyle’s awards


And a few other snapshots from the day:






Proud papa moment #3.  Watching Kyle’s slideshow.  ❤





Same smile.  Same laugh.

Proud papa moment #4


Once the party started wrapping up you can bet Kyle was ready to bust out of there for the night.  And rightfully so.  His day!  He totally deserved to go and be with his friends.

Clint tried to keep him around for a little longer.   I have visions of college drop-off in August already in my head.

With that, I will leave you with Proud Papa moment #5.


Congratulations, Kyle.

We sure do love ya, kid.

Mushroom Artichoke Chicken w/ Honey Mustard Red Wine Vinegar Glaze

Artichoke Mushroom Chicken


I’ve gotta be honest with you.

I could have omitted the chicken in this recipe and been just as satisfied.   Don’t get me wrong.  The chicken was great but the honey mustard and red wine vinegar glaze over the mushroom, artichoke combination was the winning combination.



Artichoke Mushroom Chicken


This recipe is easy to assemble and only takes an hour to cook.  No fuss recipe in my standards.




Step 1

  • Heat oven to 350 and prepare a large baking sheet with olive oil spray
  • Drain artichokes, halve mushrooms, slice onions and spread in one layer on pan




Step 2

  • Trim chicken breasts of any fat and skin
  • Slice tiny slits in top of chicken to allow glaze to seep in
  • Lay chicken breasts on top of mushroom and artichoke slices
  • Mix together honey, spicy mustard, garlic, olive oil, water, red wine vinegar, thyme, basil, tarragon, sea salt and pepper.
  • Using a pastry brush, evenly spread on top of chicken and mushroom/veggie mix.  Reserve a small amount of glaze.




Step 3

  • Place in oven for an hour
  • Baste chicken 2-3 times during the hour with remaining glaze.




Step 4

  • Once chicken is cooked throughout and top begins to crisp, remove from oven and allow to sit before serving.
  • Enjoy

Mushroom Artichoke Chicken


Mushroom Artichoke Chicken


Mushroom Artichoke Chicken





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Mushroom Artichoke Chicken with Spicy Honey Mustard and Balsamic Glaze