Turkey, Bacon & Avocado Wraps

Need a quick, simple, delicious and high protein meal?   This is what I had for dinner tonight.  It was pretty much fantastic.




Layer lettuce, low sodium turkey breast, turkey bacon and avocado.

Roll it up, shove it in yo’ mouth.






Vega Sport Review

Thanks to my Sweat Pink Sisters and my affiliation as an ambassador, I was given the opportunity to do a #FuelYourBetter Review on Vega Sport Performance Protein.


Vega Sport


I was really excited to try the product as it is a plant based, no sugar added, dairy gluten and soy free protein supplement.  Finding a protein drink that tastes good by itself is a difficult task.   Finding one that tastes good and doesn’t contain all the chemicals and processing yuckiness is even more difficult.


Vega Sport


I was pleasantly surprised at how good this tasted by just mixing with water.  Typically I make my protein shakes with almond milk and blended with ice.   I wanted to put the Vega Sport through a true test by mixing and drinking it without the ‘doctoring’ up.     Of course, my preferred method is definitely blended in ice with milk but it is nice to be reassured that for convenience sake, this is good shaken with plain ol’ water too.




A couple more bonuses is that it is packed in individual packets making it travel friendly.  AND there are 26grams of protein in each packet plus 5,000mg of BCAA’s.   Branched-Chain Amino Acids are key in endurance and muscle repair.    Finding this in a protein drink is a win-win situation.   For more info on BCAA’s visit this website.


If you are looking for a plan based protein supplement, I highly recommend Vega Sport.   They have multiple products to choose from that will help you reach your goals.

#FuelYourBetter Review




** I was given this product for free in return for my review.  All opinions are my own.

Lemon Garlic Zoodles and Shrimp



This recipe came together on total accident.

And for once – I am Team Accident!



  • Shrimp
  • Zucchini
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Coconut Oil
  • Lemon Juice
  • Lemon Pepper


Step 1

Melt a Tablespoon of Coconut Oil in pan and saute desired amount of onion and garlic until fragrant.   Add in shrimp.




Step 2

Remove shrimp, add an extra Tablespoon of Coconut Oil to pan and add spiraled zucchini and a few cherry tomatoes.  I use a Vegetti to spiral my veggies! Find yours here.

Saute until you reach desired consistency of zoodles.

Tip 1: Don’t overcook, they turn to mush

Tip 2: Blot dry your zoodles before adding to pan.  Those suckers release a lot of water.




Step 3

Season with fresh lemon juice and a dash of lemon pepper and you’ve got yourself a low calorie, high protein meal.






Holstein Harley Davidson Women’s Run

Holstein Harley Davidson

Omaha, Nebraska

All Women’s Run – May 31st, 2014


Each year, Holstein’s Harley puts on a Women’s Only cruise.   It’s a tradition that is holding steady and each year more and more women turn out for it.

Our 2014 route took us through Oakland, Iowa -> Harlan, Iowa -> Neola, IA -> Council Bluffs, IA.




The event is organized by Kristen, Holstein’s Motorclothes Manager.    She put together a flawless event this year, covering every detail imaginable.  From creating a route with the least resistance, fuel stops perfect for those with peanut tanks, solid 25 mile or more distances between each stop, lunch details to raffle prizes – the girl had it all.

Unfortunately, Kristen’s father passed away unexpectedly the day before the event.   As Kristen dealt with the loss of her father, numerous women stepped up to the plate to help out in anyway possible.   Kristen’s dear friend, Suze, reached out to Tyree to help her lead the pack and Tyree in return asked for my assistance as the route hit up all the Iowa bars that I was used to.   Several ladies stepped up and helped with the check-in and announcement making.

A biker community banding together – one of the many reasons I love the two-wheeled life.

Good people.

After we dedicated the ride to Kristen and her dad, we loaded up and headed out.

Thanks to Holstein Harley for the first three pics


There we go!  Front of the pack!


Watch out fellas.   Us chicks know what’s up.


Thanks to the Riders for Christ in the road blocking assistance.  We made it out of Holstein’s safely!

The first goal of the ride was to just get out of the Omaha Metro area.  We crossed the bridge into Iowa and stopped briefly to get the girls back together again.   Street lights in Omaha are abundant!










Marcy’s Posse 


This is Marcy and her new man, Jared.   😉


Next up?  Oakland, Iowa!



(thanks Traci – I swiped your photo)


Marcy’s Posse (Thanks Kim- swiped your pic too!)

Next up: Harlan, IA


Clearly the red cage didn’t get the memo








Thanks Lora for the pic!

Next up: Neola, IA






Last Stop: Salty Dog, Council Bluffs, IA














The day was a big hit and a ton of fun!  New friends, many miles and memories to last a lifetime.


Thanks Tyree for letting me be a co-pilot with you.  I think we did alright!


I’ve got you, babe.