#TeamScooters Contest & Giveaway



Did you know that in 1998 the very FIRST Scooter’s drive-thru coffee house opened in Bellevue, NE?    Did you also know that in just 16 very short years Scooter’s has expanded into 7 different states and over 100 stores?  Pretty impressive, don’t ya think?

My favorite treat is hands-down the Blended Caramelicious.  Um… they use Ice Cream in those babies.   Yes, please!  Scooter’s is an occasional treat for me.  I have a feeling I’d visit more if I knew WHAT or HOW to order.

So, I figure YOU, my lovely readers, can help me with that.

I’ve got a two-part contest coming at you below.  Each part leads to different prizes, so follow along my friends.

And please do as your teachers always told you

Read the Instructions



Part One

Scooter’s Coffee is doing a really exciting Instagram Contest for the College World Series.

The Grand Prize? 

Championship Tickets to the CWS OR a free year of Scooter’s Coffee




  1. Follow @scooterscoffee on Instagram
  2. Go to Scooter’s and buy a cup o’ joe.  Take a pic with your Scooter’s cup that evokes any sort of baseball feeling.  Need ideas?   Draw a baseball on your cup.  Take a pic of your cup at a baseball stadium.   Balance your cup on a baseball.  Be creative.  The possibilities are endless
  3. Tag the photo with #TeamScooters
  4. Make sure your Instagram account is public and not private.  We can’t see your contest pictures otherwise.  Sad face.


Part Two

Scooter’s gave me a few sweet prizes to give away to not one – but TWO of my readers.

Prize Pack 1:  $15 Scooter’s Gift Card and a box of Scooter’s K-Cups (NEW coming Monday. You’ll be one of the first to taste-test)

Prize Pack 2: $15 Scooter’s Gift Card and Scooter’s Koozie and mug





  1. Comment on this blog post below with your favorite Scooter’s summer drink
  2. Tag me in your Instagram contest photo OR leave me the link in the comment field below so that I can track it down.


Deadlines and winner details?

The two prize pack giveaway from Harleys & Heels will close Tuesday, June 17th at 11:59pm.  Winner chosen at random and announced Wednesday morning!
The Instagram Contest hosted by the CWS and Scooter’s for CWS Championship Tickets closes 6/16.  Winner will be announced middle of next week.


Cheers and Good Luck!



Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Scooter’s.  Opinions are all my own.

5 thoughts on “#TeamScooters Contest & Giveaway

  1. I love the fruit smoothies


  2. I love my carmelicious on a hot summer day


  3. […] Have you entered the Scooter’s Giveaway yet?   Odds of winning are incredibly in your favor.  You’ve got a little over 24 hours […]


  4. Vanilla cappuccino espresso blender my fav!



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