The Weekend in Review – 8.24.14

Another weekend has come and gone and I’d say this one was done up right, yet again!

Man – I am getting GOOD at this weekend living stuff.  I should figure out how to make everyday a weekend day.

Are ya in, or are ya in?

Friday Night:  Out with my man for an evening BBQ at our friend Andy and Heather’s to celebrate their 1 year anniversary.


Date Night

Gosh I love this guy. Scowl and all – can’t be too smiley ya know – messes w/ that rough biker exterior.


Andy and Heather had quite a house full of people helping celebrate their 1 year.  Such a cute couple and fun friends they have.  Glad we could partake in the festivities with them.

Entertainment was offered up by Andy and his best buddy Mike.

Koozie boxing.  It’s the new thing, y’all.




Saturday:   I subbed for an 8am class at the YMCA.   Had a blast!   We did Insanity and for some reason it felt 10 times harder on a Saturday morning than it does during the weekday mornings.  Makes no sense – but we will take it.  It was a KILLER workout!

Then it was time to play.  Tyree and I hadn’t gone for a Harley ride just the two of us since before her surgery in May, so we were LONG overdue for a girls day out.  We managed to hit up multiple small town bars including:


Malibu and Pineapple for Jordan – Blue UV and lemonade for Tyree



The Hood

Super cool bar with car hoods and old album covers decorating the interior.


Apparently old habits die hard and as two former school teachers know – the only way to get something is to raise your hand.


Hey, bartender…


sums it up

This basically sums up our afternoon.



This is our new friend, Duane.  He was a friendly fella and even bought us a drink.  Thanks, Duane!


t and J

Yep, I love this girl!



We support Plattsmouth Main Street as well! 


Last stop where we met up with two of our favorite boys to end our fun filled day.



Tyree and Cole-Man



My main squeeze



Good friends, good conversation, good ending to a Saturday night.


Sunday: Lazy day and dinner with the in-laws for my birthday.  We met up at The Cracker Barrel in Council Bluffs and had some SERIOUS dinner.   I had grilled fish, rice, broccoli and baked apples <— To DIE for.    Delicious.

My in-laws then gave me this antique music cabinet.  We think it’s from the 20’s or 30’s. It’s absolutely beautiful.  Surprisingly my MIL has had it in her possession for almost a year.  It’s shocking that they’ve kept it a secret for so long.


I’ll be 34 on the 29th!

Bring it on, baby.

I freaking LOVE the thirties!

And weekends.

I need more weekends.


Sturgis 2014 Stats

Interested in seeing Stats from the 74th Sturgis Rally? Check them out here, courtesy of Northwest Harley Blog. Next year is the 75th! Sweet logo to commemorate. Who is going? We are !!!

Northwest Harley Blog

75th-Sturgis-LogoThe event has come a long way since it was known as the Black Hills Classic when Clarence “Pappy” Hoel, and some friends from the Jackpine Gypsies motorcycle club, decided to hold a racing event.

It’s now known as the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and the 74th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is in the books.  

Below are the law enforcement statistics as of 6:00 a.m. Sunday August 10, 2014


The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is the worlds largest and next year is the 75th Anniversary.  This will undoubtably ensure that attendance will break previous records. There is even a special 75th logo being rolled out for such a legendary event and will be emblazoned on every imaginable piece of merchandise for you to spend some cash.

You can thank Paul Resnick of Hot Leathers who designed the logo for the 75th Anniversary. Hot Leathers is the primary licensee for the Sturgis Motorcycle…

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