Anniversary Celebrations

As yesterday was our 3rd Anniversary, I thought I’d share few snapshots commemorating the big THREE!



Before Dinner Snapshot



The Flowers received at work


Fresh Crab Rangoon Eggrolls at JAM’s


Beer for the Mr. and Wine for the Mrs.


Crazy Cat lady at stoplight on the way home.

Here, Kitty Kitty


And the after-dinner cheese picture.  

He’s cute.

 I’m on total nerd alert.

Cheers to Year 3!

9/11/01 ~ Always Remember



I remember.

I remember being in school at Northwest Missouri State University.

I remember sitting on my friend Heather’s couch watching the news unfold.

I remember feeling goosebumps crawl over my skin and an uneasy knot setting into my stomach.

I remember going to class in the Fine Arts building with my fellow classmates and sitting in silence.

I remember our instructor attempting to conduct class as normal in an effort to convince us that we were ok.  Things were ok.

… things weren’t ok.

I remember the footage, the crying, the panic.

I remember the day the world stood still.

I still remember.

I’ll always remember.


cross ground zero


God Bless Those Who Lost Their Lives and Those Who Fought to Save Them.

We Remember.