Chewy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies



Chewy Peanut Butter Cookies with Chocolate Chips.

Sunday’s are my favorite day to bake and cook.    This particular day I based my baking decisions around the fact that I had a garage full of 3 men, 1 teenage boy and one 5 year old boy working on my husbands motorcycle.   I wanted a classic dessert and one that was easy to eat and simple to make.    With that in mind, I chose to make PB cookies.   How can you possibly go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate?.010RECIPEchewy PB Cookies with choco chips.The boys devoured a dozen in no time flat, so I think my decision was the right one.   They were warm, chewy and the perfect balance of peanut butter and chocolate.  These were a nice contrast to the normal crunchy peanut butter cookies that tend to be the norm.Enjoy!005.015

Women of Harley: Lora J.

Harleys & Heels | Biker Bitch Feature #4 | Lora J.


Meet: Lora J.


Lora J
1. How long have you been riding?

I grew up on mini bikes, but I was always just a little scared of riding back then.  When I was 18, my husband would let me give him rides on his dirt bike.  On Mother’s Day, seven years ago, I got my first bike and have been riding my own ever since.

Lora 8

Lora’s First Bike


2. What do you currently ride?

Harley Davidson Heritage Softail


3. How many bikes have you owned and why did you choose your current model?

I have owned two bikes.  My first one was an 1100 V Star.   I have since purchased my Heritage Softail, which I got for a screaming great deal.   I kept my V Star for my 16 year old son who has now been riding a few years.

Lora 6

Lora’s son on her V Star

4. Does your bike have a name?

I haven’t gotten around to my new bike.  Any ideas?

5. Tell us the story behind why/when you decided to ride your own bike.

I love riding my own bike and I feel more safe when I am in charge.   I actually had my first street bike before my husband got his.  I have always felt free riding my own bike. Riding is like Prozac.  It relieves a lot a stress.

Riding is something I had wanted to do for a long time, but I waited until my kids were old enough to watch themselves.  Kids first, riding second.

Lora 4

Lora with some of her riding sisters.

6. Do you have a biker who is your inspiration?

All women riders are my inspiration.  I have found that women tend to ride safer then men, and women always form a bond, no matter the age difference.

BB Run Waterloo 15

7. What are some of you favorite things about the biker lifestyle?

The freedom.

Meeting new people.

Motorcycles are always a great ice breaker.   There is always a story.

Lora 3

8. Give us one of your favorite two-wheeled stories.

My favorite two wheeled story was my first women’s trip with about 20 ladies.  The oldest was 66 and the youngest 32. We rode to Wisconsin, got rained on and ended up drying our clothes out at a Casey’s along the way.   We rolled into the Dells in matching shirts and people everywhere wanted to take our pictures with them.   It was my first time to go on a trip on my bike with only women.

Our trip was full of adventure.  We had a couple ladies wreck, we lost stuff along the highway, people left their blinkers on (apparently this makes a few ladies really bitchy).  For the record, it wasn’t my blinker, but it was a lesson!  I now always make sure my blinkers are off and I learned how to ride in formation.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience.

Lora 7

9. What advice would you give other females who are thinking about riding their own?

My advice would be:

  1. If you lay your bike down get back on.  
  2. Don’t buy a brand new bike to begin with get a nice used one.
  3. Ride alone on less populated back roads so you can get in uninterrupted practice.
  4. Never let your bike get dusty.

lora 10

Lora and DeAnn

10.  There are many “Biker Codes” out there. If you had a favorite what would it be? Or, if you were to add your own code, what would you say?

Always ride like a lady.  Keep it classy, girls.


BB Run Waterloo 40

11. Final words?

Ride every chance you can, you never know when it might be your last.

Lora 5



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Anniversary Celebrations

As yesterday was our 3rd Anniversary, I thought I’d share few snapshots commemorating the big THREE!



Before Dinner Snapshot



The Flowers received at work


Fresh Crab Rangoon Eggrolls at JAM’s


Beer for the Mr. and Wine for the Mrs.


Crazy Cat lady at stoplight on the way home.

Here, Kitty Kitty


And the after-dinner cheese picture.  

He’s cute.

 I’m on total nerd alert.

Cheers to Year 3!

9/11/01 ~ Always Remember



I remember.

I remember being in school at Northwest Missouri State University.

I remember sitting on my friend Heather’s couch watching the news unfold.

I remember feeling goosebumps crawl over my skin and an uneasy knot setting into my stomach.

I remember going to class in the Fine Arts building with my fellow classmates and sitting in silence.

I remember our instructor attempting to conduct class as normal in an effort to convince us that we were ok.  Things were ok.

… things weren’t ok.

I remember the footage, the crying, the panic.

I remember the day the world stood still.

I still remember.

I’ll always remember.


cross ground zero


God Bless Those Who Lost Their Lives and Those Who Fought to Save Them.

We Remember.


Cheers to Year 3!


Happy Anniversary to the guy who makes my heart the happiest,

the one who gets me to smile the largest,

and the one who allows me to love the deepest.


Cheers to many more years of love and laughter.


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