Happy Halloween



Happy Halloween from Us!


Last Saturday, Clint and I attended a Halloween Party hosted by a couple of friends.   Since neither of us had dressed up for the Holiday in over 7 years, we decided to go all out and have our faces professionally painted by Omaha Masquerade.   So glad we did!  She did a great job of transforming our faces, I’d say!




My favorite part of the night definitely was walking into Target trying to find black lipstick AFTER my face was painted.  I got a lot of double takes, laughs, a few hi-fives and some kids who yelled “MOM LOOK AT THAT”.   hahaha.


A few photos from the evening:


A few of the BB’s:  Me, Liz, DeAnn, Lora & Kimi


Orange is the New Black


These two…. ha

Surprisingly, Champ wasn’t afraid of us once we got home.    Thought for sure we’d get a few growls.



What a fun night with my main squeeze.  🙂


Happy Halloween!



Sleep. Sweet Sleep.

15 hours of sleep.



Apparently, this girl does.

Friday morning started off a little shaky with a burning belly and tired eyes.  Stomach issues are nothing new in my world.  They have a long history with me that almost always tie back to stress/life events, but I’ve learned over the years how to control them.  Or rather, not control the stomach issue itself, but control my reaction.

So, to get my mind off how I felt, I opted for the Harley as my mode of transportation to work.



The morning air felt good in my lungs.

The rising sun burning off the morning fog was beautiful to see.

Two wheels was just what I needed to start my Friday.

Unfortunately, it didn’t clear the pains in my stomach and on top of that I was getting this feeling of complete exhaustion creeping in.   I called it a day at 1pm, crawled on my beautiful blue baby and made my way home.

And I was out like a light by 2pm.


Sweet Sleep.

Was to be at a meeting at the YMCA at 6, but the thought of driving 48 miles round trip for a 30 minute meeting, just didn’t seem like a smart decision.   I HATE making those kinds of decisions.

Am I the only one who really struggles with calling in or leaving work early because you just don’t feel good?   It doesn’t matter if I am on my death bed or just feel run-down, I struggle with what other people think.

That’s a downfall.   I shouldn’t worry about what others think.  We are to look out for ourselves, after-all.

A little more sleeping on the couch ensued and at 8pm I called it a night and crawled into bed.    The next time my eyes opened up?


A total of 15 freaking hours of sleep.  I almost can’t believe it. I am the girl who gets 6-7 hours of sleep each night and my mornings always start between 4:15-4:50 on the weekdays and 630 at the latest on the weekends.  It’s just how my body works.

I guess my body had a very different idea on what sleep should be this time around.

Whatever works.  I rolled with it.

And so far this Saturday morning, I am feeling quite alive.  Let’s hope it stays that way.   We’ve got a full weekend of face makeup, costumes, a Halloween Party and packing for my 1pm flight to Chicago on Sunday.  Don’t get too excited.  It’s for work, not play.

Cheers to a beautiful day!


Caramel Mallow Brownies



These Caramel Mallow Brownies are straight up sinful.

Using Six Sisters base recipe for Marshmallow Brownies, I took it one step further and added caramel bits and a heavier layer of frosting.




The recipe comes together in quick easy steps totaling four delicious layers.

1. Brownie

2. Caramel

3. Mallows

4. Frosting




I took these to work today and they were all gone by 3pm.  If you have a function coming up soon where you need to take dessert – I HIGHLY recommend these.   As would most of the folks in my office.


Caramel Mallow Brownie







Fall Weather Means Outdoor Activities

We made sure to spend quality time outside this last Saturday and Sunday.   It was absolutely gorgeous here in Nebraska.   The hubs spent a lot of time pulling the motor out of his old Ford and getting it ready for an overhaul.



Only in old vehicles can you fit your entire body in the front end.   Can barely squeeze a penny under the hood of my Grand Cherokee!

We ate dinner outside on Saturday.  Roast and potatoes, even!  Who says you need a dining room table?



Or clean hands….


If you tuned in yesterday, you all know I spent my Saturday evening spray painting letters for my hilarious wall art.



Sunday morning I made breakfast and even served it to Clint in bed. What a nice wife I can be sometimes.

His Sunday morning ritual is to watch Power Block in the bedroom.  Mine is to watch CMT music videos in the living room.

At least we know what makes the other happy! 🙂




Sunday afternoon we took off on the Harley’s and headed to Plattsmouth, NE for a late lunch at the Main Street Bar & Grill.



While not a good photo of the hubs, I couldn’t post the other one for some serious inappropriateness.   Can’t take that man anywhere I tell ya.

The food at Main Street was incredibly delicious and unhealthy.  The best kind, right?

I want to bring your attention to the onion rings.  Oh my.   I can’t even begin to describe those puppies.   The cook came out and filled a bowl with keg Budlight prior to making these suckers.  If that doesn’t tell you how yummy they are, then I don’t know what.  Get yourself to this bar SOON and order up a batch.  Holy Yum.




I wasn’t feeling a full on meal, so ordered a side of jalapeno cheese balls.   Clint loved them.  I was indifferent.  The cheese had the texture of Velveeta.  I hate Velveeta.  So, I had a couple and then passed them up.   If you are into that kind of weird textured cheese, then these are all for you!



After Plattsmouth we headed on out to Louisville to my Aunt Marla’s for a quick beer and business chatter before heading to Heron Bay for a cocktail.   The place was busy with crappy service.   Per usual.

Our last stop ended in Waterloo at the Dog House Saloon for my favorite Watermelon drink.



These drinks are just heaven in a glass.

Oh. So. Yum.

And that pretty much sums up our weekend.  The no plans, no commitments, no schedule suited us just fine I might say!

Our next weekend doesn’t look as relaxed, but it contains a lot of fun, so I am not complaining.