Workout Wednesday

Fitness has become an integral part of my lifestyle.  I love my solo basement workouts, my gym time and my teaching time.

A year ago I decided to jump all in.   AFAA Certification, TurboKick Certification, Insanity Certification, started teaching at two different gyms and became a Coach.

If you’ve been following long enough you know my stories behind all of the above, except for maybe Coaching.

Why did I choose to become a coach? 

Oh, my friends.   Where do I even begin?

We’ve already established that I love learning about living a healthy and fit lifestyle.  If you’ve followed my blog long enough, you also know that I am all about the balance.  Healthy living and playing CAN go hand in hand.

  • I believe that taking your health seriously is the key ingredient to a long and happy life.
  • I believe that if we take care of our bodies, our bodies will take care of us.
  • I LOVE the feeling after kicking a workouts ass.
  • I love the feeling of accomplishment when I up my weights.
  • My confidence has soared since becoming more serious about my health.
  • I appreciate that I don’t stand in front of my mirror and change outfits 5 times every morning because I don’t like the way it looks on me.

So, again, why?

Because it gives me a chance to help others feel the exact same things.

I want to be able to provide the tools necessary for others to reach new health and fitness goals.  I want to help others find their lost motivation.  I want to do everything I can to make sure people live a long and healthy life.

A couple months ago I reached a milestone in my business.   I hit Emerald.    This was huge for me and MY coach.  A culmination of a years hard work.




I am helping others.  I am making a difference.

I am Fit Focused and I am building a team of other Fit Focused individuals.

Together, WE are making a difference.

I have never been more excited about my fitness journey than I am right now.   I made a decision and I am going for it.  I am living it.   I am having a blast helping others live it too.

Join us.  Join me.  Be Fit Focused.  I promise I will do everything I can to help you.

What is so unique in all of this is most of YOU in turn inspire ME to keep pushing and getting better.


Today’s Workout Wednesday Exercise:

Baby it's Cold Outside Circuit


Thankful Tuesday

1. Today I am thankful for those who currently serve and those who have served.  Thank You.  

Thank You


2. Today and everyday I am thankful for my mother.   Today is her Birthday! 




3. I am thankful for Eileen’s Cookies.  Did you know they are a requirement when celebrating something significant?   Monday I was able to meet up with my girl Sara for lunch to celebrate her last week in Corporate America.  She will be staying home with her two beautiful babies, helping care for her teenage stepdaughter and keeping her man in line.   😉

And she is starting up her own Grant Writing Business.  Southwest Iowa folks – if you are in need of a grant researcher/writer, please look her up here.




4.  I am thankful for my almost finished living room! 

Painting, DONE!

Wall decorations, UP!

Furniture, IN PLACE!

Crown molding and trim is all that is left to do, however, that won’t happen until December/January, but I am pleased as punch the way it is for now!


Panorama View.  See that yellowish blob in the bottom right?

That’s Sasha Dog walking.

Looks more like puke, ya?

Take note: objects in motion do not produce good panoramic photos.

 imageTake Note again:  Sasha looks as though she has three legs.   She doesn’t.  She has 4 last I checked.


5. I am thankful for early, snowy, icy mornings and a frantic husband.   Why would this be thankful worthy?  Because even at 2am, my husbands excitement/panic was contagious.  While he and his crew weren’t quite prepared for what mother nature dumped on us early, I can’t be mad at him for his obnoxious alarm clock, banging doors, running up and down the stairs and opening and closing the garage door… not once… but three times on his way out to his businesses.


Let’s just say 2am and I became fast friends.   A few projects got completed.  And out the door at 4:30am I went to teach at the YMCA.  😉

Yep, still thankful.


6. Thankful for my YMCA family.  Three times today I was thankful for them!  

  1. My morning Insanity Crew came out to kick some serious Insanity ass this morning.  They didn’t let the weather hold them back.  Even had a few new ones.   NO EXCUSES!  BOOM!
  2. My YMCA boss, Carrie.  She deals with my random emails.   She served as my therapist today, even.  Pretty sure she doesn’t want in on that business.  Thanks, CARRIE!
  3. My afternoon TurboKick class.  I don’t know where these chicks came from today – but the 7 of you who made it to the early 4:45pm session – you rock!   We seriously had SO much FUN today.  *If you’ve never taken a Turbo class before, I am sorry.  You’re missing out on a good time.


And THAT, my friends, is your random Thankful Tuesday.

Thanks for reading! 

AFAA Group Exercise Certification

Ever wondered what it takes to become an AFAA certified Group Exercise instructor?




AFAA stands for Aerobics and Fitness Association of America and has been educating fitness professionals since 1983.

Those seeking Group X certification from AFAA can expect to learn:

  • Basic Anatomy & Kinesiology
  • Nutrition and Weight Management
  • Group Exercise Program Design
  • Exercise standards, selection, technique, guidelines, choreography, cueing, etc.
  • Injury Prevention, Emergency Response and Special Populations
  • Business Skills and Legal Responsibilities (Substitute teaching, Law and Exercise)


photo 4


AFAA provides two formats for certification:  all online or in person.   I chose to do the live option and used the 3 months prior to the live certification to read, fill out the study guide, memorize and practice my skill sets.  

photo 3


I was a ball of nerves the morning of the live certification.   I didn’t spend as much time as I needed studying for the written test.   There were many concepts that I wasn’t 100% confident in, however, there was no turning back!

My certification was held at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln campus.   After signing in for the day, we all sat and waited for our instructor to kick start the morning session.

Just enough time to get your stomach in even more knots.  :/




In preparation for the certification I not only studied but also researched and read multiple blog posts about AFAA certifications about what to expect.   Based off their recaps, I was fully anticipating the first few hours to be a study session.

NOT the case.

My facilitator had us working out the entire day. 

We first started out doing an hour and a half of practicing different exercises.  Our facilitator would call out a move and we would perform.   He asked us multiple questions relating to:

  • muscle groups being used
  • muscular contractions (isometric, concentric, etc)
  • joint actions (flexion, extension, adduction, rotation, etc)
  • muscle actions (agonist, antagonist, assistors, etc)

This was a fun way to review terms, however, there were a couple gals who were very knowledgeable and would quickly answer his questions before the rest of us had time to process and speak.   I am very much a processing type of girl.  Ask me a question, let me think through it, and then I will answer.  So, sadly, I was distracted by these girls and felt they were just trying to ‘show off’ their knowledge base.    It left me a little frazzled.

After about 90 minutes we had a break and I spent that time with my head buried in my study guide.



The next part of the morning was spent demonstrating a general group exercise class.  This was also part of the practical portion of the certification testing that was to be held in the afternoon, so I appreciated the opportunity to practice and gain feedback.

We were given a 5 minute block in which we were to demonstrate a generic warm-up, workout and then a cool-down.   We were prepped that we’d be judged on not only skill set, but appropriateness of exercises, energy and rhythm.

I was not worried about this portion at all.   I think my musical talents helps me tremendously in this area, but also my knowledge of choreography and understanding the importance of an 8 count.

I kept my warm-up pretty basic.  Think step touches, cross lunges, repeater knees, grape vines, etc.   For the workout section I did a mini cardio kickboxing routine and then kept my cool-down similar to my warm-up, but focused on bringing down the exertion level by minimizing arm swings and bouncing.

This concluded the morning session and led us right into lunch so I took off for a little walk around campus to get some fresh air.


Memorial Stadium!

I should note that just a few weeks prior to this certification the Iowa Hawkeyes and Huskers faced off in a Thanksgiving weekend football game.

And, the Hawks won.

Of course, me being me, I wore my Iowa sweatshirt on campus.   A friend didn’t think I would follow through with it, so for proof, I took my life in my own hands and asked a student to take my photo.  😉



After my walk and another cramming studying session, it was back to work.

Our next activity had us practicing our 10 muscle groups, of which was also part of the practical exam.   This is where the facilitator calls out a muscle group and we demonstrate an exercise that engages that particular muscle and follow it up with two stretches to stretch it out.

The groups tested:

  1. Pectorals
  2. Trapezius, rhomboids, latissimus dorsi
  3. Deltoids
  4. Biceps, triceps
  5. Hip adductors, hip abductors
  6. Gluteus maximus
  7. Quadriceps, tibialis anterior
  8. Hamstrings, gastrocnemius, soleus
  9. Rectus abdominis, obliques
  10. Erector spinae


We ended the ‘Study’ portion of the day by teaching the class one exercise, three different ways.

I chose a sit-up:

  1. feet on floor doing a crunch
  2. feet on floor with full sit up
  3. V-up


We were given about 20 minutes to study and ask questions before starting the practical portion of the examination.



They first spread us out across the room with identifying numbers.  Everyone tests at the exact same time, so be prepared for that!   I was put in the front row so no chance of cheating there!   Maybe I should take that as a compliment as maybe they recognized I knew what I was doing?  hahaha..   Right.

photo 4


  1. Group exercise class demonstration: 5 minutes
  2. 10 muscle group exercises with accompanying stretches.
  3. Individual presentation of 1 exercise (I chose the sit-up)



100 questions.   Multiple choice, T/F, essay, matching.

And it was hard.  There were a lot of muscle group questions.  I was prepared to locate the muscle group on the human body.  I was not prepared to explain what muscle group was acting as the antagonist and agonist.  Be sure to study that!


Once we were done with the test, we were free to go.   We were told it could take 4-6 weeks before we’d receive our results.  Talk about waiting on pins and needles!

Regardless, I had fun getting to know several of the gals throughout the day.  You bond quickly over nerves and questions.




And 4 weeks later I received my results in the mail that said I PASSED!




I believe becoming a Nationally Certified instructor is important.  It not only gives you the extra credentials  but it also shows devotion to learning more about the human body and commitment to helping people get fit and healthy the right way.

Living in the city, most gyms require some sort of national certification to teach in their facilities, so if you are thinking of becoming a group exercise instructor, I strongly recommend you get a mentor, sign up for a certification and get to studying!

Good Luck!


Weekend in Review – November 7th-9th


I really don’t like painting.

So why I got this stupid idea to paint my entire living room and main hallway is beyond me.

Well, actually, I was tired of the dark brown covering the entire upstairs.  It was dark and boring and I was needing a change.  The below photo is the before, which actually looks a lot lighter than it really was.


forgot to take a true before photo, so no, the couches aren’t normally like that

The after color is called Gobi Dessert.   Hello fresh, bright color!


walls still tacky to the touch – no decorations yet

The hallway was a giant pain in my butt having to paint around the door frames.  I’ll admit I wasn’t very careful staying inside the lines.   I MAY have hit the ceiling a time or two as well…



The plan is to put up crown molding, change out all the baseboards and get new closet/bedroom doors next.   We are getting rid of all the white trim and going back to wood.  Hallelujah!

This will be a winter project for Clint after it becomes too cold for his crew to work outside and in between the white gold coming down from the sky.  Clint landed more contracts than normal for snow removal this winter, so he is pretty pumped for it to start snowing.

This is also the time I stop being referred to as wife and instead get coined a snow widow.

I don’t mind at all as it gives me a chance to bake, keep the fire roaring and take snacks to the crew while they pull all nighter’s.  The only downfall is I don’t get near as many snow days now that I am not a teacher.


Moving on….

While I spent my time indoors on Saturday, Clint spent his time out.   He got his Impala out and moved to our storage unit.


This little beaut doesn’t see near enough sunlight.   He tells me next summer it will receive some TLC.   I am assuming this means work done on it and not actual daylight time.  :/  He and his dad rebuilt the Impala for Clint’s 16th birthday, much like the rebuild Clint did with his son Kyle for his 16th birthday:





Pretty great tradition, if you ask me!

Saturday afternoon break-time consisted of Clint and I having a conversation while sitting on the staircase and Champ pushing his way in.   This is 100% typical.   He can’t stand being left out.



After our mid-afternoon break, Clint went back to work prepping for his ’71 Ford rebuild.


So, our garage has now transformed into a full two car garage work zone only.


Boys and their toys.    🙂

Saturday evening I called it quits on the painting and hit up the gym for some stair work and lower body weights.  For the record – Saturday night at 6pm is a great time to hit the gym.  No fighting for machines or free weights.   It’s a dead-zone in there!


After the gym I threw together this Greek Chicken recipe.  Seriously SO GOOD.


And THAT wrapped up our exciting Saturday night!

Sunday I woke up to find a large metal object in my tire.   Bad news.   Lucky for me Clint repaired it in no time so I could hit up Michael’s early for some shopping.

Buy one get one, y’all!   I have freshly painted walls to decorate!


After some shopping I spent the rest of the day finishing up all the painting, threw in some laundry, cleaned the kitchen and went for an afternoon jog around Zorinsky Lake.


Dinner from Jason’s Deli and all of a sudden it’s 8pm and we are wrapping up the weekend activities in preparation for bed time.


Cheers to another great weekend with my man!

Greek Chicken



Artichokes, Kalamata olives, mushrooms and basil?  Winning combination if you ask me.  Add in chicken and tomatoes and you’ve got yourself a meal!


Step 1

Whisk together olive oil, balsamic vinegar, basil paste and garlic.  Stir in olives, artichokes and mushrooms.   Try not eat.  <— not lying.   I wanted to just take the bowl, sit on the couch and chow down.  It smells that good.



Step 2

Cube chicken, place in bottom of 9×13 pan, cover with the basil mixture that you DIDN’T just eat and place in 350 degree oven for 35 minutes.




Your house now smells delicious and you have a low carb, high protein meal in no time flat.



Greek Chicken