Natural Peanut Butter Honey Bites

My friend, Ashley, brought these to work a few weeks ago and I officially fell in love.   The perfect sweet treat with nutritional value.  I am so obsessed with these little bites of goo that I have now made them for a group fitness holiday party as well as three Christmas parties.   They make a great healthy alternative for all those sugary fatty treats that are looming this time of the year.

Make sure you use natural peanut butter, unsweetened coconut and raw honey to get all the nutritional values without all the extra artificial sweetener and ingredients.  You can buy crunchy peanut butter, or take unsalted peanuts and crush them into your peanut butter for some extra crunch.  Scoop into mini baking cups, store covered in fridge.



Interlocking Gym Floor Mats

I use my basement a lot to workout, even though I also hit the gym daily.    Being an instructor requires practice!  🙂   I asked Santa for a set of interlocking mats for our floor.  Tile and shins don’t play well together no matter how supportive your sneakers are.

Yesterday I practiced Round 10 Insanity.   I am rolling that out to my classes to ring in the New Year.

Gym mat verdict?




The only downfall is they slide on the tile so I am going to have to buy some sort of backing for the mats to grip the floor.

Any suggestions?

I was thinking those grippy shelving liners  might work.

Any ideas you have would be super!!





December 21 Day Challenge Results

December 1st-21st I embarked on a 21 day clean eating and exercise routine with a few other folks.   Together we retrained our brain on the proper food portion sizes, we learned what clean eating looks like, we completed the same workouts (from the comfort of our own homes) and conquered some pretty steep goals.

Are you ready to hear the individual results of pounds and inches lost?

Drum Roll please……


HAPPY DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All of them have made comments about how much better they feel eating natural foods.    All of them have new clothes on their list.   All of them loved the workouts because they focused on the total body (think squats with arm raises, weighted jumping jacks, weighted lunges).

For an Insanity lover and teacher – I even loved the workouts. 

They were a perfect contrast… and YES… I did the workouts in addition to my teaching schedule.   I just adjusted my food intake as necessary.

So, what exactly is the 21 Day Challenge?    It’s a three week at-home workout program.  It’s not only designed to get you looking as good as you can get in just 21 days, it’s also about teaching you how to eat healthier.

I know SO MANY people (including myself) that get on the workout bandwagon with ease, but the proper eating is way off base.  If you are one of those that reaches for a handful of chips with your turkey sandwich, you are doing it wrong.   If you are reaching for frozen dinners or skipping lunch, you are sabotaging your progress.  It is all about eating the proper amounts of lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, grains.   This 21 program trains you not only how to eat, but also the what and how much to get the results you want.

I don’t think you can deny that it works looking at the individual results above.   It’s even cooler to look at it from a group effort on total pounds and inches lost:


The Lowdown

  • 21 days
  • 30 minute workouts – 7 days a week (all on dvd)
  • Portion Control Eating System
  • Recipes
  • Online coaching and accountability system from your coach.


Let’s Do this Together!

Free BB Account

Free Membership Benefits Include:

  • Fitness coaching
  • Message boards
  • Exclusive FREE bonus workout DVDs
  • Lower shipping rates
  • Online goal tracker, fitness & nutrition tips, healthy recipes, and more

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How to Order the 21 Day Fix

21 day fix essential package1. The 21 Day Fix essential kit is reasonably priced at $59.85. Here is the link to order through Team Beachbody which offers the best price online.  Order via me or one of my coaches and you will get you the Dirty 30 bonus workout for free –  link to order.

2. Another option for ordering is the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack, which includes the essential kit and a bag of Shakeology shipped on Home Direct (monthly auto-ship). The HD shipping is a discounted shipping charge that you cancel at any time. The Challenge Pack price is $160 and can only be ordered through a Team Beachbody link. This equals about a $60 savings than ordering individually.

Purchasing the items separately would cost:

  • 21 Day Fix base kit – $59.85 (value)
  • Shakeology flavor of your choice on HD – $129.95 (value)
  • Bonus workout DVD Plyo Fix – $19.95 (value)
  • Free 30-day trial to the Team Beachbody Club – $11.96 (value)

The next 21 Day Challenge Group starts on January 5th!

That entire week is a prep week so there is plenty of time for you to get ordered and ready to go.   You MUST go through myself or one of my coaches in order to take part in our challenge and accountability group.   You can message me on Facebook (Jordan Pirtle) or find one of my coaches:  Kayla, Jen, Jessi or Katy.    I won’t do last names on this post – but if you know me, chances are you might know them, so reach out to whoever you are most comfortable with!  🙂

What do you have to lose?!?!?!



A Whole Lotta Christmas


Our little family had a LOT of great Christmas Celebrations this year.

Four down, one to go on Sunday!

Our first Christmas was held on Sunday the 21st in Mt. Ayr, Iowa at Clint’s uncle’s house.   We had a grab bag gift exchange, tons of snacks and Italian food.  It was a great evening, but shockingly, I didn’t take a single photo!   What’s wrong with me?!

Next up, Christmas Eve at my MIL’s house.   Debbie and Gaylen always out-do themselves with snacks, food, desserts, presents… the works.



I always have such a good time at their house, but this year seemed extra special for some reason.  The moods were light, the kids personalities were shining bright, the laughter was abundant, the food was delicious and the scattegories game was competitive.





I think a nap almost even happened!



And Clint educated us all that Mountain Dew tastes extra special out of a tin cup.  Pinky’s up!


Oh that man… I do love him so!

We soon found ourselves leaving Christmas #2 for Christmas #3 at my Aunt Jeanne and Uncle Craig’s house.

But FIRST we stopped by my fathers house to drop off allllllllllll the Christmas candy Clint and I had accumulated over the last few weeks.   This year marked the second Christmas I wouldn’t see my dad for reasons out of my control, but I made my presence known with my gift of sugary treats and other baked goods.

Keith – you’ve been elfed.


Finally we made our way to the Goecker’s.    We spent the evening sipping on ice cold beer, snacking on what seriously could be the most delicious homemade bread I have ever had, chatting with my grandpa, grandma, aunt, uncle, cousins and a few other fine folks before we made our way back to Omaha at the midnight hour.

Christmas Eve left my heart full and overflowing with love and happiness.



Christmas Day.   Oh, what a day.  We started the morning opening presents with our little family of three.


Boy did we make a mess!



Care for a game of Where’s Champ?




We all fared well this Christmas.   Everything from Converse Chucks, remote control trucks, gym mats, truck parts, truck radios, camo, Canon Rebel T5i <—eek!!!, among other items.    We seriously go a little overboard, but we clearly have so much fun buying for each other.    We spent the latter part of the morning outside playing with the new toys, of course!




And a day wouldn’t be complete without Champ getting all up in someone’s business!




I let the boys continue playing outside while I made my way back into the kitchen.   Roasted brussel sprouts needed my attention, y’all!   Man, those things turned out great.  Simply take two bags thawed out brussel sprouts, throw in a 9×13 with 2 tbsp. olive oil, slice up some bacon and sprinkle over the top and roast at 350 for 45 minutes or 450 for 30 depending on what you’ve got cooking with it.  Highly recommend!



Soon we found my mom, step-dad, brother, Gr’ma and little Lucy knocking at our door!  It was so great to have them come up from Clarinda this year.  🙂



While making the last preparations for our late lunch I managed to set our stove on fire.  Like, legit, full on flames coming out of the back burner.  It was incredibly impressive and yet NO ONE took photos.  I must train these people better.




Good thing our new stove is getting delivered on Monday.   I’d say it’s about time to let that old bird go.

Once the kitchen was under control we indulged in turkey, potatoes, stuffing, roasted brussel sprouts, wine, champagne and tons of sugary treats.  It was pure bliss.




Next up: gifts.  I was so incredibly excited for my parents to open their gifts from us this year.   We wanted to do something special for each of them as they both deserved it.


Dave opening his stained glass starter kit!  ❤


Mom with her new porch swing!

Gabriel hit the jackpot in the hat business.   I don’t think he will have any issues keeping that head of his warm.


The rest of the afteroon we spent playing with the new remote control truck, taking selfies and Clint harassing his son like only he knows how.








We had such a wonderful Christmas.   I can only hope you did as well!

Cheers!  ❤


‘Twas the Day After Christmas… A Jogging Tale

‘Twas the day after Christmas

out running on the trail

5 miles on the horizon

those dang cookies creeped up the scale.


Feeling a little jiggly

and super bloated to boot

combating caramel chex on my ass

oh no, it will not stay put.


One mile in and feeling pretty good

not a soul out there with me

Guess they’re still eating all that food.


When off in the distance I see a figure run

Someone else like me out having some fun

Closer and closer we came to meet

Shorts this fool was wearing, barely socks on his feet.


Waving the friendly trail runners wave

while rolling my eyes after he passed on by,

mile 2 on the horizon, I continued to fly.


My layers started becoming a wee bit much

My sunglasses fogging over, crap I’m hungry for lunch

Mile 2.5 turnaround point finally under my feet

180 turn and BAM, wind blasting my face like a sheet.


Cold, bitter and blustery taste on my lips

My eyes started burning, tears like a faucet did drip

Snot now pouring out my nose is definitely disgusting

And my wind induced snail pace – damn right I’m now cussing.


Mile 3 my GPS did chime in

Only two more to go for the win!

Two bikers soon came to pass me out on the path,

Wearing green and red like a Christmas tree, out-loud I did laugh.


My sweat tastes like sugar, I thought it was to taste like salt

For sure the craptastic eating has got to come to a halt.

Mile 4, oh thank goodness, coming up ’round the bend,

I think about quitting, putting this madness to an end.


Oh no, not now, said my evil competitive half

Keep going, your butts still the size of a calf.

Mile 4.5, 4.6, 4.7 and now 8

This running today I surely did hate!


Finally, Mile 5 I hit with a joyous outburst

Give me some vodka, I’ve gotta quench this thirst“!

Day after Christmas running, a giant success,

Now back to the couch my ass must rest.