Hope | Love

In the aftermath of Las Vegas, I know many of us are left with feelings of uncertainty, helplessness, anger and sadness.   Evil is all around us.  It’s part of our world.

But, we also live in a world of light, faith, love.


In the days since the recent tragedy, our news feeds are full, the conspiracy theories are alive, political sides are being taken and anger is being fueled with fire.   While I have my thoughts, I will not fall into conversations or feed into the conspiracies or the political sides.   What good does that do anyone?

I am an American.

I am Human.

I will not tie myself to anything outside of that.


In this devastating time, there are also stories of hope.   Stories of survivors, stories of the first responders and the average American like you and I who chose to help those in need in what surely was one of their darkest hours.

With that, I want to leave you with a few web page links that focus on hope.  That shed light on love.  Stories that provide us with a renewed sense of hope that good can come of tragedy.  Stories that give us hope for our American neighbors.

Love What Matters

Love What Matters Web

Ellen’s Message of Hope

Survivors Provide Messages of Hope

I hope you find yourself focusing on the good, finding the good, being the good.  



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