Happy 2019!

It’s January 2nd (well, January 3rd as of publishing for you detail-minded folks) and I’m feeling all the New Year vibes.   Who hopped on the ever-popular resolution bandwagon?  Goals?  Give a darn’s?

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As 2018 came to a close, I reflected on the last years milestones and how they aligned to the 2018 expectations I set for myself.    My motto in 2018 was to “focus on the good stuff and let go of the rest”.

Well, actually, my motto was a little more colorful in nature

let go of the BS and focus on the good sh!t

… but whatever way you spin it, same same, eh?

I even bought the shirt:

That motto served me quite well as it allowed for growth and failures.  Wins and losses.   It was quite a year of transformation, and all because I worked on ME intellectually and emotionally.

New Years resolutions don’t have to be standard.  Often times those standard resolutions are narrow and full of false hope.  Why do that to yourself?  Each day, each month, each year is an opportunity to learn more about yourself, your actions, reactions, and your relationships with those around you.  I don’t know about you, but I want to be the best I can be for myself, for my spouse, for my family and for my friends.  That goes FAR beyond what I see in a mirror each morning while I am putting my mascara on and curling my hair.

2018 was a year of monumental (and quiet) growth.  




I took a look back at what I wrote in my 2018 post and thought I’d share a few of those transformational moments.  More for me, some for you.

  • Being truly PRESENT.
    • I spent more time with my phone in my purse and present with those around me.  I was living for the experience and less for the ‘gram.
  • Being more observant in my career.
    • I redirected my career focus to incorporate long term visions.  What was once working for me, no longer did, and when I created that shift internally, a large door opened and opportunity beyond measure appeared.  I am in a new position, with a new institution and learning so much about myself as a leader, colleague, mentor, and influencer.     Growth.  Impact.  Purpose.  
  • Being MORE present for my husband and his business.
    • I help deploy month end paperwork, assist in providing a larger social media footprint, and bake weekly goodies for the crew every Sunday. 🙂  Sometimes the little things help with the big things.  It also gives me more time to engage and connect on a different level with that beautiful bald badass of mine. 
  • Allowing more time for myself to learn and grow in the areas that mean something to me, my self-awareness, personal health, well-being and my bigger purpose.
    • I found a strength and conditioning gym with coaches and peers who are driven by strength, GRIT and tenacity.  We do hard shit.  We build athletes.  We don’t give a SHIZ if you are a size 0 or 20.  We care what you increased in your bench press and back squat 1 rep max, or that you are one less band closer to strict pull-up, or that you worked through an injury and have graduated to full range push-ups rather than wall. That gym speaks my love language.  
    • I sought out new professionals who provide me internal and external wellness guidance and contribute to my desire to discuss these intricacies at a raw and intellectual level.  Game changer.
    • I have read books and researched articles on emotional intelligence’s and journaled my growths and setbacks.
    • I enrolled into a big scary program that has pushed my intellectual and emotional boundaries further than I ever knew I could go… and will continue to go for several years yet.  Bless you, Clint.  Those emotional rollercoasters this last term were intense. You rode them alongside me like a friggin’ CHAMP!

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  • Making more time for meaningful conversations with friends.
    • Girls days and nights were a-plenty and well-loved.
    • Scheduled lunch dates and afternoon cocktails with former colleagues, mentors and supervisors proved to be therapeutic and growth minded. When we said “let’s do it again sometime” I followed through.  
    • There is a group text strand amongst a few gems that literally lights up my days and provide the comic relief that finds its way in on the days its needed most.  Even the most mundane of connectivity provides a deeper emotional impact.
  • Being quiet, listening more, saying less.
    • I stepped back from being a complete open book.
    • I focused my energies on being a true Servant Leader at work.  Listen more, talk less, move forward with all ideas in mind.  It’s a daily task and I learn more about myself as a leader with every passing day and interaction.
  • Canceling out the unnecessary noise that life wraps us up in and spending more time on the quiet.
    • I let go of some of the “noises” in my life. Social media channels removed, limited time on active social, saying no to things and people that didn’t fulfill me, etc.
    • Stopped allowing myself to get worked up about what others were or weren’t doing that didn’t align with my own beliefs.  To each their own!  If it doesn’t affect me personally, I don’t waste energy on it.  
  • Being less of a copy and more on owning my original.
    • I am ME.  I would say unapologetically me, but that would be a lie.   I am just me.  I think, reflect, write, stress, internalize, second-guess, judge, rejoice, pray, believe, question, and apologize on the daily.  And when I act before I think, I reflect on how I could have handled it differently and make note to be better the next time.


So here is my very public recap of my somewhat private 2018.  It was a year of significant growth and change personally and professionally.  2019: we are coming in HOT and purpose driven and all about helping others define their purpose and being the best they can be.

Career goals will be achieved, new initiatives will be employed to allow faculty and student growth, support systems are being put in place for staff development, and challenges will be faced with grace.

Personal milestones will be achieved unscheduled and unplanned as I continue with my 2018 motto that served me quite well.

Let’s do this!

Cheers to 2019!

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  1. Love everything about this. Happy New Year!!!


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