Prime! A Dirty 5 Letter Word.

Apparently it’s Amazon Prime Day. I don’t know about you, but everyday is Amazon Prime Day around here. I don’t need designated days to celebrate BIG! 🙂 All I know is that if I had a standard Amazon delivery gal, we’d be best friends by now. Amazon, you have my heart and my wallet.

We should probably go to counseling.

I am not going to scrounge up the best deals of the day, because chances are I’ll find crap I don’t need and have to put it in my cart, sit on it for two days, and then move it to “save for later” or add it to one my lists. You know the drill.

So, instead I am sharing a few purchases that have become staples and favorites. Links for products and my very informative commentary (ok, that’s stretching it) below the photo for quick access for ya.

Cheers to Amazon, y’all!

Memory Foam Slippers | Hands down favorite slippers I’ve owned.

Satin Pillow Cases | Cool, heavenly bliss.

Sherpa Fleece Blanket | This is the only blanket I use on our bed. And by “I use”, I mean only me. Clint has his own. This blanket is pure heaven. Get it oversized. Truuuuussstttt me.

Sunglasses | I get compliments on these bad boys all the time. I have a back-up pair because they sell out quick and I can’t ever keep track of sunglasses.

White Duster Cardigan | I am not a cardigan wearing gal, but I love me a long duster. I pair this one with Express Paperbag ankle pants and my white/gray snakeskin pumps.

Button Down Shirt | I have this shirt in a few colors. I love it! Fits nice tucked in, good length, breathable fabric. I actually just wore this one to my niece’s wedding.

Moving on to more fitness inspired items. I am always collecting for my home gym, which is pretty stocked at this point minus my last heavy hitter items such as a squat rack. My wish has always been to have a full garage gym. Now that we are building, I am going to make good on that wish.

Adidas 3 Stripe Shorts | Comfiest and provide the greatest room in thighs.

Resistance Bands | Lateral walks, Squat Walks and Glute Lifts just got spicier with these bad boys!

Adidas Woven Shorts | Can’t go wrong with Adidas shorts. No waist pinch, extra leg room. Sold!

Ab Mat | Great for lower arch support when holding a weight or wallball.

Gel Boxing Gloves | I attend Title Boxing 1-2 days a week for some stress relief. These gel gloves have been a nice addition as my old gloves were lacking proper support.

Colorfulkoala Camo Leggings | I am a legging snob and never sway from my prized Athleta Saluations, however, Athleta’s stock has been low for far too long now, so I gave these a test after hearing many reviews. I actually am quite impressed with their fit, staying power and they passed the squat test. Impressive and cheap!!!

Body Composition Scale | I could care less how much I weigh. In fact, up until about 3 weeks ago I hadn’t stepped on a scale in over a year. My mindset is performance and how I feel. This scale, while not entirely accurate, provides a wealth of information about your body. It’s pretty interesting to track body composition.

Moving on to some more practical items for the home and a couple for health.

1/2 Gallon, 64 oz. Glass Jars | I keep my laundry Pods stored in these.

SunBum SPF 30 Chapstick | Coconut and Key lime are the bomb.

Mesh Laundry Bags | Perfect for my boxing wraps so they don’t get tangled in the wash. Also great for packing.

Toothbrush Holder | Ok, guys. Hear me on this one. If you are someone who keeps your toothbrushes out on your sink, please stop right now. Throw the toothbrush away. Start over. Get a toothbrush holder that fits in your cabinet or drawer and STORE IT THERE. Flushing toilets, particles flying… you hear me? Gross. This one fits in my drawer. 🙂

Carpet Cleaner | Magic in a bottle.

Vacuum | I am obsessed with this little guy. I took off the long attachment and use it as a handheld device for my staircase, hard to reach corners, cat food cleanups, etc. I friggin’ love this little guy!

Frother | I use this for a variety of things: frothing my whipped coffee, blending protein powder or collagen powder into coffee, etc. It’s a great little tool!

Collagen Peptides | Add it to yogurt or drink of choice!

Happy Shopping!

*Contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

2 thoughts on “Prime! A Dirty 5 Letter Word.

  1. Gotta, say I prefer to support my local store and my local community.

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