Tuttle Creek | July 2020

Clint and I had tried to get down to Tuttle Creek ORV area just North of Manhattan, KS early May, but rainy weather kept getting in our way.Β  It wasn’t until one weekend in June I saw two of our friends post their weekend adventures in Tuttle that we were able to get a weekend nailed down. After a flurry of text messages we had the four of us an AirBnB booked for the third weekend of July.

It took me all of 10 minutes to realize riding in Clint’s Jeep was going to be too anxiety ridden for me.  Tuttle is ROCKY and I am Cautious Cathy about safety harnesses.  Give me a safety net, and I am good to go.  That Jeep rooftop is mildly compromised thanks to a previous rollover, so I said “peace out” to that gem and hopped in the Cadillac of UTV’s.   Thanks, Bill!

We spent Saturday climbing, digging out, swimming and tipping over on repeat.








Thanks, Bill, Tracy and Mike for a fun weekend getaway.  We had a great time!


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