New Year Declutter

The week between Christmas and New Years has always been a time to declutter my physical surroundings. A time to get rid of the old, worn out, expired, or no longer worn and either trash it or donate it. Fresh and clutter free surroundings to bring in the New Year

The method to my decluttering madness is to just go all in. The full body, no looking back, see and feel every square inch kinda madness. I take everything out, pile it up, and then put all the pieces that are functioning and still used back in it’s place, while leaving out the unwanted and worn out. The unwanted piles then get sorted into trash or donate categories.

If the idea of decluttering is overwhelming to you, start small. Maybe tackle one room or one cabinet at a time, or choose an area each day for a few days. Choose what is most manageable for you.

A few areas to get you started.

1. Kitchen cabinets. Sort out the mismatched lids, worn out pots and pans, appliances that haven’t been used in a year and either donate or trash them.

2. Linen closet/medicine cabinet. Recycle the old towels into shop rags. Toss out the expired medications. Half empty bottles of shampoo/conditioner? Either combine them or put them into travel size containers for all those cancelled 2020 trips we need to make up.

3. Clothing closets. Girl, you know you haven’t worn most of that stuff in years. And those jeans that you keep around as “goals?” Toss. Them. Out. We are decluttering more then just our physical space. Declutter that mental space too and let it go. That is something deeper we need to tackle here another day, ok? For now, donate those two-size too small jeans. They’re out of style anyway.

Decluttering your living space leaves you feeling refreshed and accomplished before the New Year. It’s a great way to also start decluttering some of those tucked away mental spaces too. And what a great way to bring a sense of fulfillment and purpose by donating all the gently used goods you no longer need to someone who could really use them?

Go! Declutter some of those living spaces.


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