Five On Friday!

1) How adorable is my step-son?  He officially asked his girlfriend to Prom yesterday.  He is much like his dad in that they pull cute and thoughtful tricks out of their hats sometimes.



2)  I am completely into stacking bracelets.   My cute HD bracelet I got from my MIL at Christmas and the sweet skull bracelet from my brother.


3)  BABY stuff!   While I am not having babies, I LOVE planning/buying/snuggling/taking pics of anything baby.   Myself and two other gals are throwing a baby shower for a dear friend tomorrow.   Can’t show you what the craft project is until after the shower, but this gives you an idea!


4) Basement remodel.   We’ve been working on this baby for well over a month now.   Ripped out the carpet, tore off the steel from the walls (don’t ask) and put in new light fixtures.  We chose to tile the basement in place of carpet and as of yesterday it is all sealed!  YAY!    Now to paint and replace all the trim work.   Yes, I should have painted first, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way.


5)   This guy.   Man does he make me SO mad with his never ending wake-up calls in the middle of the night.   I swear he does it just to check that I didn’t abandon him.

Yes, Champ.  I am STILL here to take you outside at 3AM, just like every other stinking night.


But, who can be mad at that face for long?

CHEERS to the freakin’ weekend, y’all!