The Girl Behind Harleys and Heels


Wife, Step-Mom, Daughter, Friend, Sister, Aunt

College Educated and College Employed

Fitness Instructor

Former Master Trainer for Beachbody LIVE

Harley-Davidson Loyal


Concert Junkie

Occasional Cook

Tent Camping over Hotel Napping

Out-of-Control Sweet Tooth




Photo Ninja

Celebrity Gossip Follower

Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal OBSESSED

Country Music Lover

Rock N Roll Rocker

Jeep Girl

City life dweller with a DEEP longing to live the Country Life again.


4 thoughts on “The Girl Behind Harleys and Heels

  1. Hello!! I can’t tell from your blog when you started posting, but you are new to me … so welcome! I love the photo of you on your bike. It sure makes me miss mine (recent wreck), but I’ll be back on a new bike after the new year! See you around wordpress!

    • So sorry to hear of your accident! Very thankful you are ok! (I just read your blog)
      Thanks for stopping by! Just got started in October, so I am definitely a newbie. 🙂 Appreciate the shout-out. I look forward to reading about your new bike after the New Year!

      • I sure hope that you enjoy blogging as much as I have … it’s been a blast and I’ve made so many great connections all over the country and the world. You start for one reason … and the next thing you know, you have found so many other great reasons to keep blogging. I’ll be posting tomorrow about a gift I received from a woman I’ve never met. We connected through our blogs and she sent me a get well gift. How cool is that??

      • That’s so great! I look forward to the building of friendships.

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