Portfolio: Empowering the Female Biker

Owning a motorcycle provides a level of freedom, fun, camaraderie and adventure that can only be experienced on a bike. Riding has served as the foundation to some of my best experiences and memories with friends.

Riding has also connected me to a large group of dynamic and influential female riders from all walks of life. Many of these women have inspired me in ways that I otherwise never would have experienced, and through these connections, the desire to pick up a camera really began to blossom. Fueled by a motorcycle industry that has historically stereotyped female riders as the “fender fluff” and over-sexualized the images portrayed in their publications, I embarked on a little hobby to capture these women in a way that challenges that stereotype. An outlet to help build a sense of empowerment and pride.

It is my desire to encourage the riding community to see female riders for who we are: business professionals, mothers, wives, friends, college graduates, business owners, educators and so much more.

My goal behind the lens is for you to see power, confidence, beauty and class.

And of course… a whole lot of badass.

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To my fellow female riders, let’s connect and capture you and your badass bike for the world to get to know in 2021. Connect with me using any of the links found here.