Why I Ride


  • Freedom
  • Determination
  • Choice
  • Inspiration
  • Therapy
  • Camaraderie
  • Dad
  • LOVE
  • Empowerment


Freedom from my thoughts and worries. Nothing is more freeing than the feeling of the wind against my face, an open road and the sound of a Harley.


Determination- focus, strength of mind, control

Choice- Freedom of choice.  The choice to take the risk of riding two wheels. A risk that empowers me every time I roll that throttle.


Inspiration- To be inspired.  Riding clears the cobwebs and allows for new ideas and sense of purpose.  To inspire others.  Giving women a reason to go out there and do it for themselves.



Therapy- It’s riding along the countryside with tree lined roads and riding into a sunset where I find peace, serenity and clarity.

Camaraderie- Nothing is better than a biker community. You find some of your best and longest lasting friendships among bikers.  They are Family.



Dad- Harley Davidson was/is/and always will be my connection to my dad and is the one bond that will never be broken. Dad: Live to Ride~Ride to Live



LOVE-  For love.  Love of riding.  Love of life.  Loving Me.  Love for us.


Empowerment- With freedom, clarity, focus and determination comes empowerment.  Two wheels and a few miles is sometimes all we need.


6 thoughts on “Why I Ride

  1. I missed this post before, and I like it! The photos are great!!


  2. Awesome pictures! I really appreciate the one of your dad… It’s amazing how pictures can put you right back in the moment. I enjoy your blog!


  3. Great website. I ride too!
    Dr. Kathy Thomas


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