Seasonal Clif flavors? Yes, please

For the record, I LOVE Clif Bars. The original, builders protein and Luna for women are my faves.

This morning I was running later to work than usual (consistently 10 minutes late. Every. Damn. Day. Seriously…) and I was unable to make my typical egg white, provolone on wheat sandwich so I picked up a Clif Bar. New flavor!!!! Spiced Pumpkin Pie. I die. So, so good. I hate pumpkin pie itself (it’s a texture thing) but give me anything pumpkin flavor and I’m sold.


Of course I also have to have a fountain Diet Pepsi. Habit. I’ve fully admitted it.

Another fella who was filling up his soda cup this morning said he gets one every morning and therefore nicknamed his morning soda his “Daily”. I agreed whole heartedly that I too need my morning soda, smiled and wished him a great morning and to enjoy his “Daily”. Has a nice ring to it, ya?


I taught TurboKick tonight. Killed it! My class had around 9 in attendance which is up from the 4 that attended the afternoon classes last week. Woot woot!! I set my HRM. 620 calories, my friends.

Ya, I’m enjoying a little extra peanut butter on my bed time apple snack, thank you very much. 🙂


Time for CMA’s!!!! Love this night. And Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley are genius as hosts. Hilarious.


Hope you all had a great Wednesday! Weekend is soooo close! Hang in there!

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