Spreading Holiday Cheer with Ugly Sweaters and Lots of Beer

It’s been a fun last few days. Today I’m trying to recover.

Cue Champagne Headache.


Let’s recap!


Thursday was my last work day until January 2nd! That’s what’s up.

It was also my last day in Office #1152. I move offices and jobs after the new year. Exciting things are happening! 😉

Let’s hope I can keep a cleaner office in 2014.  New Years Resolution, perhaps?

20131222-134611.jpgNo one ever follows through on those things.

That evening my friend Jessica and I went to an Ugly Sweater Party at Omaha’s newest Brewery and Distillery, Borgata. It is owned by one of our hometown friends, Holly Mulkins and her fiancé, Zac. They just opened the doors a few weeks ago so it was great to see the fruits of their labor.



We enjoyed a crisp Pilsner, one of the best Bloody Mary’s and an Eggnog inspired drink.

20131222-131229.jpgAbove photos Courtesy of Borgata FB page

I look forward to visiting Borgata again soon!


Friday was spent doing last minute Christmas present shopping, a little house cleaning and teaching my last TurboKick class for the 2013 year.

That evening we went to an Ugly Sweater Birthday Party for our friend, Shawn.  Some seriously hilarious shirts amongst that crew.

20131222-131836.jpgThe Birthday Boy.   His catch phrase “Want to see Santa’s balls?” 



20131222-131915.jpgHow cute are these 3 roommates?  Christmas Tree, Skirt and Present.  Clever.



Girls Night! Carrie and I met up with Tyree at her new house. Very excited for her! Beautiful home, cute neighborhood and a decent backyard for her puppy, Caza. We had appetizers and champagne at her house before heading to the Homy Inn.

Oh Hello, champagne on tap.  Can I interest you in a pitcher?


We shared a lot of laughs and a few inside jokes over the yummy bubbly.

Stupid faces, free of charge!


The crappy iPhone photos make me sad.  My brand new Sony DSLR is being sent in for repair.  Unhappy camper here!  Don’t even want to talk about it.

Moving along…

After the Homy we made our way to the Ozone to listen to the band eNVy.

Natalie Thomas, lead singer, is a powerhouse and so fun to listen to.   I’ve seen them a few times before and they never cease to amaze me.


Photo Courtesy of FB


And, so here we are at Sunday.   So far today I have managed to not do a whole lot.  I have finished wrapping presents, made a pasta bake, ran to the store and watched The Santa Clause.   I will probably spend the rest of the day picking up around the house and making my first round of Caramel Chex.  Every Christmas I get multiple requests for this addictive treat.  Recipe to come!

Have a great day, friends!

4 thoughts on “Spreading Holiday Cheer with Ugly Sweaters and Lots of Beer

  1. Good Luck with the new job and enjoy your holidays … now off to get a cold one!


  2. Yummy chex mix oh yeah!


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