Life Is Too Short Not to Play in the Rain

This past Sunday night I had tickets to see Sevendust and Staind in concert at Stir Concert Cove.

If you don’t already know, I am obsessed with going to concerts.  There is just something about the live music and the atmosphere it creates.   You just can’t replace that experience.




So, the more concerts I can attend, the better!  I LOVE love them.

Stir Cove is an incredible venue at Harrah’s Casino in Council Bluffs, Iowa.




It is also a rain or shine outdoor venue.    Emphasis on the rain.

Because Sunday?

It POURED rain. 




That is Sevendust up there.   They were definitely the only dry people in the house.

Tyree and I had no plans to sit this one out.  We don’t melt, after-all!  So, hats and rain gear it was!



And who else do you know that would pull out their 1999 cheerleading coat for a rainy rock concert?


Darn skippy I did!

Bonus: A few peeps were able to track me down thanks to the C-TOWN emblazoned on the back of that baby.

(For the record… there wasn’t a rain jacket on planet earth that could have kept us from being soaked to the bone after that concert)

Sevendust and Staind both put on a fantastic set.



Photo courtesy of Stir

We bounced about 4 songs shy of the end due to the bitter cold wind and pouring rain… and I don’t think I need to remind you that Tyree is just 3.5 weeks post kidney surgery donation.  She is a tough cookie, but it was definitely time to get her off her feet.

And, muddy grass wasn’t exactly prime real estate.

Thanks, Stir for another kick-ass concert!  I’ll be back soon.


3 thoughts on “Life Is Too Short Not to Play in the Rain

  1. Love concerts! Glad you had a good time and smart sneaking out early!


  2. […] place was PACKED.  The last show I went to at Stir was just a few weeks back, but it was pouring rain, so the crowd wasn’t […]


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