Eddie Money and Rick Springfield Recap

Friday night found us at the Mid-America Center for the Eddie Money and Rick Springfield concert.




The MAC had quite the crowd.   While unfamiliar with most of the songs performed by Eddie and Rick, I still enjoyed the show.  Who doesn’t have fun listening to live music and watching the entertainment unfold on stage?

You are way lame if you don’t.   Just sayin’.

I found out one of my good friends was also attending with three of her girlfriends.  They were a riot watching from across the arena.   Couldn’t miss Heidi and her bright shirt.  She was a dancin’ QUEEN!

I so love that girl.  She has such a cool energy and zest for life.



 Heidi and her girlfriends pre-gaming for the concert

Oh, and thanks Heidi… totally “borrowing” a few of your pics.


 Rick made his way through the crowd during one of his songs.   I love when artists make an effort to reach out to their fans.

One of my favorite FB posts from Heidi’s friend, Angie, during the concert:




Nice work, Rick!  You totally made those chicks’ night! 😉




Good show, great venue, cold beer, good friends.   Great way to start the weekend, I’d say!


The rest of my weekend recap is coming up soon!


I received my tickets thanks to the connections made via The Omaha Bloggers.   Special thanks to Katie for this arrangement.

You also might recall  I was able to give away two tickets!  Congrats again to Liz!  I sure hope you and your hubby had a great night!

Stay tuned… you just never know what other giveaway I have up my sleeve!

5 thoughts on “Eddie Money and Rick Springfield Recap

  1. […] Thanks to the Omaha Bloggers group (specifically Katie) I received tickets for me AND to giveaway.   You can find the Concert Recap here. […]


  2. I loved getting to meet you! This was such a fun night!


  3. It was so great to meet you! What a great time!


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