Happy Halloween



Happy Halloween from Us!


Last Saturday, Clint and I attended a Halloween Party hosted by a couple of friends.   Since neither of us had dressed up for the Holiday in over 7 years, we decided to go all out and have our faces professionally painted by Omaha Masquerade.   So glad we did!  She did a great job of transforming our faces, I’d say!




My favorite part of the night definitely was walking into Target trying to find black lipstick AFTER my face was painted.  I got a lot of double takes, laughs, a few hi-fives and some kids who yelled “MOM LOOK AT THAT”.   hahaha.


A few photos from the evening:


A few of the BB’s:  Me, Liz, DeAnn, Lora & Kimi


Orange is the New Black


These two…. ha

Surprisingly, Champ wasn’t afraid of us once we got home.    Thought for sure we’d get a few growls.



What a fun night with my main squeeze.  🙂


Happy Halloween!



3 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. What a great idea! I never thought about getting a professional to do our halloween make-up…i’m TERRIBLE at applying make-up and when we’ve needed it in the past it always gives me anxiety. Next time I’m definitely using Omaha Masquerade.

    PS – loved your guy’s look!


    • She was great! Definitely check out her webpage. She has done some pretty outstanding looks – kids and adults. Her littlest was begging to have her facepainted after me. I bet she loves getting practiced on. 🙂


  2. Great costume! Love your make up 🙂


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