Halloween I Love You’s, Thrifting, Friends and Funds.

Halloween is synonymous with winter in the Midwest.    It never fails, the temperature plummets and parents scramble to find their kids winter gloves and hats for an evening of trick or treating.  Every. Single. Year.

Clint and I had our bowl of candy ready for a stream of kiddos, but sadly I only saw about 20 total.   That might even be pushing it.   I guess the weather held them back.

Our neighbor’s granddaughter stole my heart in her monkey costume and cute as a button smile.



My friend, Claire, stopped over with her kiddo Briton, so we took off around my neighborhood for a little trick-or-treating.   This kid loves the color green and dinosaurs so his costume was perfect.




Briton is such an intelligent, loving, cute as can be kiddo.  I just love spending time with this green loving squirt.



Briton story time with “Aunt Jordan”

Briton kept us thoroughly entertained as he told each and every person who gave him candy that he loved them.   It was pretty much adorable and the reactions were priceless.  Most men didn’t know how to respond, one man said “Too Soon” and most of the ladies turned into a ball of mush.

Briton for the win.


Briton and his mommy

Saturday morning I spent with Tyree hitting up thrift stores for some old frames and a little lunch date at Jason’s Deli.   It has been well over a month since I’ve seen the girl, so it was nice to hang out just the two of us for a low key afternoon.   She and I split ways around 3 and I spent the rest of my day at Nebraska Furniture Mart, Target, Michael’s and Hobby Lobby.   By the time I got home it was 8pm and I was spent.  Dinner and a glass of wine while sitting my butt on the couch is how I spent the rest of my evening as Clint was in Clarinda helping the family harvest.

Sunday morning I had a coffee date with my girl, Sunni.  Instead of meeting at Starbucks, I took the coffee to her.    Little Ms. Brooklyn was not going to let mom go.   Such a cute little squirt.


Following our coffee and small talk, I headed back home for an afternoon of projects.

First up:  a short Harley ride and a long overdue washing.    She was disgusting.


The rest of the day was spent around the house cleaning and starting new projects.  Not done yet, but the exciting part is I have a new entertainment center thanks to my shopping adventures.  The one I had was a cheap buy from Wal-Mart 8 years ago.  It was time to be a grown-up.

New paint and fun wall art to come soon!  I’m tapping into my creative side for this one.


Have I mentioned we aren’t done with the basement remodel yet?   My excuse: we need new furniture, an area rug and a new tv for it.    Oh, and the framing around the window has yet to be finished.   So…. until all of the above can be purchased (money tree… I need a money tree), the basement remains ‘under construction’.

Don’t judge.

Cheers to closing out a great weekend!

One thought on “Halloween I Love You’s, Thrifting, Friends and Funds.

  1. Look at you Miss crafty! I can’t wait to see the new wall art…and here’s the deal, don’t rush the basement. Find what will fit in there perfectly AND that money tree of yours. It will come together. Seriously we had our whole house painted in March…and I have yet to have put anything up, except in the entry way. =)


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