Workout Wednesday – 54321 Workout



Workout Wednesday!

I am currently running a 6 week Online Accountability Group with a handful of ladies looking for inspiration, motivation, recipes and workout ideas.    Online accountability allows people an opportunity to be exposed to a small group of folks all working on eating healthy and getting in exercise on a daily basis.    I love running groups like these.    They are challenging, motivating and enlightening.   I am not a trainer nor a nutritionist, so I don’t offer specifics on a daily basis.   This is why it is called an Accountability Group.

  • I ask for check-ins on food and exercise.
  • I give tips on nutrition and exercises.
  • I provide humor and occasionally ask questions.

It is up to the person who set out on the 6 week journey to keep themselves engaged.   You really have to dig deep!   This is good to make people do.   This is good for ME to do.

The above workout I threw together for folks to follow if they were needing an additional challenge to their workout.

Take the time out of your day today and get a few rounds in.  I promise you will feel it by the end.


Cheers to a great day!

One thought on “Workout Wednesday – 54321 Workout

  1. Oooh I love this little workout addition – might try to squeeze it in this morning during a conference call at work! =)


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