Outside My Fashion Comfort Zone

This outfit.

Huge leap outside the ol comfort zone for me.

Why?  The skinny jeans/leggings look.   It’s a fine line for me.

Sure, I wear leggings all the time.

At the gym.

And they’re workout leggings.

They belong there.

 These leggings actually look and wear like jeans, but they are black and stretchy, so leggings or not, I don’t know.   The whole stretchy /skinny pant thing is still a weird concept to me.    Some people rock them so well.  Me?   It brings forth a panicky self-conscious feeling.

Anyway  – the point?  I love this cardigan.  And I LOVE LOVE my new boots. I needed a way to wear them both.

So, I threw on the outfit, feeling a little less than confident and went out to finish my Christmas shopping.

And guess what?

I received three random compliments.  Three!   What the hell is that?    Thank you random people at the Harley store, Buckle and Express!   You totally made my day!

Feeling a little less awkward now with my clothing choice.

But I still have an issue with leggings.  That isn’t going away anytime soon.




Where to shop for items:

Boots:  DSW

Cardigan: Last season Alloy but also can find it here

Pants: Target

Hat: Kohls – like 7 years ago – and if it ever falls apart on me I will be devastated.

9 thoughts on “Outside My Fashion Comfort Zone

  1. I love the entire outfit – bikerchick adorable – but especially those boots. Are they from the Harley store? As for the skinny jeans/leggings, I cannot wear them but they look great on skinny you 🙂


  2. Your boots are so beautiful! ❤


  3. UM HOTTIE! You look great! I am also terrified of wearing leggings.


  4. You look adorbs! Those boots are fab, but that sweater is seriously the business.


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