Happy 40th Birthday, Clint!


This stud muffin, aka my HUBBY, is 40 today!!!!!


And you know what else?  You guys are getting to see the fun decorations I have left behind for him LONG before he even thinks about getting out of bed today.  I am on my way out of town for two days (bummer) so decorating the house for him to wake up to is my way of ensuring he starts his day off special.  ❤





TO my fun loving…


wonderful father…


loving son…


tough guy…

010 (2)

crazy friend…


always up for fun…

Conesville 11

dog dad…


hard working…


partner in crime….


loving husband…


I wish you the BEST 40th birthday and I can’t wait to celebrate with you and your friends this weekend.

Love You!


2 thoughts on “Happy 40th Birthday, Clint!

  1. Awww what a great bday tribute. You can really tell you guys like each other…kinda. =)

  2. […] I was out of town on a business trip so was unable to celebrate with him that day, but if you recall, I left him a few decorations to get him by until I returned.  […]

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