Colorado Skiing | Years 1 and 2

For the last two years my in-laws have taken the family to Copper Mountain in Colorado for a few days of skiing and family time.   I’ll admit, the first year was met with a little bit of nervousness.   Having all of us together under one roof for several days created a little apprehension in all of us.   But, we were all wrong in those reservations.   What a blast!

The second year was met with much excitement.  And now this year I feel like I have had a countdown going for MONTHS!

Until now… by the time you read this, we will have been on the road since 6am.   And guess who isn’t with me?   My husband. 😦

Right now, I HATE the weather.  Mother Nature and I are not friends.  Not one little bit.   Clint’s business pushes snow in the winter.  So the TWO times all freaking year it decides to snow… it chooses the first on his 40th birthday weekend causing him to have to work – a lot!  And then this weekend.  When we are to be on a family vacation.  And now my vacation is spent with his family, without him.  I can’t even begin to describe how sad I am.  He’s my right hand man out there on the mountain.

Mother Nature – I hate you.  Today… I really hate you.

Trying to focus on the good trips we have had so far, so I thought I would share some photos of our 2013 and 2014 Colorado trips.  And while you are looking, send good vibes my way.  My super sad self needs them.   Send them to Clint too.  He’s just as bummed – if not more!


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Just look at this view.   iPhone photos don’t do it justice.


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Copper Mountain


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Clint & Kyle


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Greens or Blues… What path to take?


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Mastering the board.


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Peace. Serenity.


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And Exhaustion


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Heated games of pool


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And lot’s of card playing


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A little Kokomo action.   The easiest (and safest) part to maneuver


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Slowly but surely I am getting more comfortable 


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And then I get daring, get some great momentum… and then freak out!


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Kyle is a master of the mountain.   I don’t know where he got his skills from, but watch out.  He will fly by you with no hesitation at all.

But then, he also stops when he sees you wipe out to help you back up.

What a good kid he is.


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Always a good time with this guy


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And these kids…


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And these boys…


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And this Sista…


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And this wonderful MIL.


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Cheers to Colorado 2015and the next several days of snow, family, good food and wonderful memories!  Going to make the best of it.

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