Mr. Miracle?

Remember when I was telling you about my back/hip issue?  And then remember when I stopped talking about it?  Because if you are like me, you want to just say “SUCK IT UP ALREADY… I AM SO TIRED OF LISTENING TO YOU”.

I get it.  I am tired of listening to me too.  I am tired of living with it more.

And I became more tired of having people look at me like I was being a baby when I attempted to explain it.

You know who you are.  You judgmental judgy McJudgersons.

I still love you.

Some days I could suck it up and pay for it later.  Some days I could suck it up thanks to some magic pills.  Some days I couldn’t suck it up to save my life.  Right now I am back to the days where I can barely get in a squat, let alone a burpee.  Burpees are my JAM!  I WANT TO DO BURPEES!!!  I haven’t worked out all weekend trying to alleviate the irritation so I can do my Tuesday burpee challenge.  Oh, you crazy kids, stay tuned for that!

Anyway, I have focusing problems.  Back to it.

So, I saw a new Dr. on Friday.

We are going to call him Dr. Miracle.

Because I am going to believe in him and the miracle he is about to bring to my back/hip.


His diagnosis:  Sacroiliitis

What is it?  Sacroiliac joint inflammation

So what?  It causes low back, hip and pelvic issues and often time leg issues.  Yo prego women… if you have this, it’s gonna suck even more.   Whew… I am good there.

Levels:  Sometimes the pain is minimal, sometimes it’s debilitating.  I have all the gambits.   Thankfully the day I saw him I was at the stage where I was unable to squat or pull my right leg up to my knee to cross it.  Like physically not possible.  Not painful and don’t want to do it… straight up can’t do it.

Stupid right?  Ya, I agree.  For three months!

Solution: An X-Ray guided anesthetic and steroid shot to the joint.


Why not Friday when I was there?  INSURANCE

(Sometimes I really hate insurance…)

Who is excited?


My life revolves around being active.  Not being so active is Sucky McSuckerson.  I’ve got classes to teach, miles to run, weights to lift, burpees to complete, certifications to facilitate, chairs to sit in, Jeeps to drive, Harley’s to ride.   This girl is ready for that pain to disappear!

Cheers to Thursday and Dr. Miracle.


2 thoughts on “Mr. Miracle?

  1. Hello! I’m so sorry that it took so long for you to find your new health care provider. SI Joint pain is very common and very painful, and it shouldn’t have been hard for you to find someone to diagnose and recommend treatment for you.
    Good luck with your therapy. Here’s to healing!

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