Market to Market IOWA | 2016


Another year with this crazy crew (+1) means:

  1. We were crazy enough to do it again
  2. We tallied about 17.5 hours total in a vehicle
  3. 75 miles of race ground covered
  4. Most of them were ran… I will let you ponder on that and make your own assumptions.
  5. Our newest team mate is a bad influence.  See #4
  6. Or that’s what the rest of my team led me to believe.  See #4
  7. We love her anyways.  See #5
  8. Sunny days are better then cloudy days
  9. Bridgette is SnapChat obsessed
  10. I love taking selfies while running just to listen to my team bitch
  11. Jenn changes her clothes often
  12. Troy is the best driver, ever.
  13. Sara doesn’t like to run but yet, she still joins us every year.  That’s how cool we are.
  14. Blair is full of the best one-liners.
  15. Brad organizes this every year, so we really should question his ability to make life decisions.
  16. Not sure what that says about us who join him.
  17. Never underestimate Brian and his quietness.  EVER!
  18. With that said… pay attention to Brian.  He will pull something over you.  Or off him. See photo number 7 for reference.
  19. Pay attention to the rule book.  The after party tends to get moved.  You’ll be incredibly disappointed when you walk to the former location.
  20. Burgers at the end of the race is the way to go.
  21. And Beer
  22. And Ice Cream

Market to Market IOWA 2016 is a wrap!

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image imageimage

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