Colorado Dreaming

In less than 24 hours our family will be heading out for our 5th Annual ski adventure to Copper Mountain!



This years adventure will be minus the two patriarchs of the family due to priorities at home.  Can you all please do me a favor and keep your thoughts and prayers with Gr’pa Drake, my mother-in-laws father, as he faces declining health.  Gaylen and Debbie have chosen to stay back this year to be with her parents and let us kids continue on with the skiing adventure.  We have promised a TON of photos, GoPro videos and memories made so that we make it feel like they are right there with us.



Each year brings new adventures, more wipe-outs, daring jumps and good quality family time.   We are always so thankful and appreciative of this trip.



From family dinners and card games, to pool challenges, trips down Kokomo, terrifying journeys up the lifts (It is no wonder I keep it together when the lift stops mid-way and starts swinging), beers on the mountain, to snow ball fights while we wait for shuttles and everything in between.  This trip ranks high amongst the favorites each year.






















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