Lordy Lordy, Look Who’s 40

I’m lucky enough to share the same birthday month and year with one of my favorites. With only 13 days a part, we celebrated turning 40 with what we know best… motorcycles, sunshine, cold beverages, friends, and fun.

With Tyree turning 40 on the 16th and me on the 29th, we split the difference and pulled together a float trip on August 22nd with a few friends and family.

Tubing and Adventures always the gracious hosts, we set out on a 5.5 hour floating excursion down the Elkhorn River.   Sunshine, cold drinks, great crew of friends and fam… it was a solid day!




Thanks be to COVID-19, my office is still working almost entirely remote with 50% staff working in the office, at 25% capacity each day for the month of August and September.  You get that?  Ya… no need.  Anyway, my SP team with a few chosen ringleaders made my week by having my office decorated for the 1 day I was there.  What a fun staff they are. 🙂


The eve of my actual birthday I had the opportunity to meet my cousin Dan for a sushi lunch in the Old Market.  It’s a standard location for us when he comes to town on business or a family visit.  Kayla popped by later that afternoon with the gift of Eileen’s.  Low and behold the husband would also arrive later that evening with another round of Eileen’s.  I guess they know the way to my heart.


And then came August 29th. 

The official


 I woke up to a house and Jeep decorated by two adorable birthday elves who go by the names of Tyree and Jessica and breakfast with the hubs who also spent half his morning cleaning my motorcycle (bless). 




Clint, Cole, Tyree and I spent the remainder of the afternoon on two-wheels with a pit-stop at Keg Creek Brewery and dinner at Whiskey Springs



There may have been some adolescent nonsense thrown in for good measure because if there is one thing I want to take away from this life, it’s that I don’t forget to have fun along the way.  When I am 100 I want to look back at the memories I don’t remember and see that I had a damn good time living this incredible life of mine.

Cheers to 40!





One thought on “Lordy Lordy, Look Who’s 40

  1. Happy birthday you youngster!!!


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