Sweatin’ It Out Physically and Mentally



Went for a short mid-morning jog today.  Hello 16 degree weather, snow and ice.  My pace was fairly slow due to numerous sidewalks being slick.  (Pet peeve when people don’t clean off their sidewalks after a good snow). 

Felt good to get out of the house.  Felt even better running in that crisp, cold air.  There is something about running in the cold and seeing your breath.  I also love the looks on peoples faces when they drive by. 

“Is she crazy? It’s freezing!”




You can tell mile 2 had the most questionable sidewalks.  My pace suffered big time!

Regardless, I was out there!


Ironically, my Grandpa called me mid-run today.  I just featured him yesterday.  We were scheduled to run the Turkey Trot together on Thanksgiving morning in Red Oak, IA.  He is coming down with a pretty bad cold and they are heading out of town next week, so understandably he is choosing to take care of himself rather then running in this weather.  While I am bummed to not be able to run with him, I am also thankful he is staying in. 

After my run I went to a few Sporting Good stores looking for some new workout capris.  Another pet peeve of mine?  That there are no loose fitting capris in the stores these days.  I DESPISE the ones that are tight all the way to your calf.  My body type looks completely ridiculous in them.  I want them to have a little flare after my knee.  Ugh.  So, needless to say, I came home empty handed.

The rest of my day has been spent finishing up filling out my Study Guide for AFAA Certification. 




The 8 hour training/certification is coming up on Saturday, December 7th at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.  There is a 100 question written test in addition to practical tests.  I am getting ready nervous thinking about how much I have left to learn for the written test, not to mention the physical aspect of it. 



Quizlet has been a GIGANTIC help in filling out the Study Guide.  I have also been reading several Blogs that have given their tips and tricks for the Certification.  I am appreciating the inside look.  It is definitely helping me mentally prepare.


Thank you to the following Bloggers and your thorough recaps of the AFAA cert:

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Any of you have your AFAA Group Exercise Certification?  Do you have any extra pointers?