National Running Day

June 4th is National Running Day!

How many of my readers got out there to pound a little pavement?




What do you run for?


Most days for me:




Other days:




Running is therapeutic for me.   Sometimes a hard day at work requires a good run or a long Harley ride.   It was a tough decision for me choosing between the bike and the running shoes… but considering it was National Running Day, I had to do my part.

I almost hit 5 miles, but fell short.  I also had to walk before I hit mile 4.  I never do that.   😦




I have been battling what I thought was strep throat.  After a visit to the doc and a nasty throat swap yesterday, the tests came back negative.  Surprising since I’ve got all the signs of strep hanging out in my throat (gross), but also not surprising because I am not knocked down on my ass like strep normally does to me.  No fever, no aches.  Just tired.   And I DEFINITELY felt it around mile 3.5.

This small incline nearly did me in.




But, hey.  I did it.

Did YOU?!

Also, what on EARTH do you people do with your keys when you go for a run?  Since I have a stupidly large key fob and not an actual key, I can’t loop it through my shoe laces without being incredibly annoying.

My solution?




Yep, it’s clipped to the ol’ shirt and tucked on in.


Using my resources, folks.


Alright, there is still time to get out there and get a run done.   Even if it’s just running around the block or taking a lap around your yard, do it.


I challenge you.