The Gift of Giving- A True Hero

Allow me to introduce you to a Hero.




By now you all know Tyree.

I talk about my friends often and Tyree is a staple in most of those stories.  Tyree came into my life in 2007 and soon became one of the absolute best friends a girl could ask for.


She is my Omaha family.



My riding partner in crime.





My go-to-girl for any concert, no matter the genre.




She’s one of those friends that you can tell absolutely anything to and she will never judge you.





My husband has even taken her under his wing and considers her one of ‘his’.  He cares for her well-being and is always there to help in any way he can.




Tyree has friends near and far and from all different walks of life.




She is loyal to her girlfriends.




Tyree is the FUN aunt.



The loving Sister





Tyree knows NO stranger and is as welcoming to others as a person could possibly be.


2013 bb


This girl means a lot to so many other people and she touches lives with every step she takes.

So it should come as no surprise that when a friend was in need, Tyree didn’t hesitate for a second to ask how she could help.

Even when the help needed was an organ donation.




Meet Rachelle. 



In December of 2013, doctors told Rachelle that she would soon need a kidney transplant.

Rachelle is very near and dear to Tyree and came into her life at a time when she needed support.   Rachelle was a rock for Tyree.  When she shared the news of her need for a kidney, Tyree immediately said:

“I’ll do it”



Tyree began the initial tests to see if she was a match.  After months of tests, pokes, prods and multiple hours in the hospital, Tyree was finally cleared.

On May 7th, 2014

Tyree will be giving the gift of life as a kidney donor.


A true friend.  A true hero.


A group of us girls got together on Sunday night to surprise Tyree for a Pre-Surgery celebration.

We wanted to celebrate all that is Tyree.

We enjoyed a wonderful meal with a few cocktails.


And said a toast and offered gifts.




To know Tyree is a blessing.


Please send a prayer up for Tyree and Rachelle as they enter into surgery tomorrow morning.


And to our dearest Tyree,

“Don’t look any further than your own reflection for a Hero”




To help with financial costs, donations can be made to Kidney Konnection (Rachelle Walker) at any Wells Fargo Bank.

To learn more about Kidney Donation please visit The National Kidney Foundation.



5/7/2014 – 4:30PM Update

From Tyree:  Surgery went great! Both of us are doing fine. Kidney seems to be functioning good. Now onto the healing process! Words cannot express all of the heartfelt love and prayers that we received. Thank you so much for everything!

It’s Not the Size of the Dog in the Fight


These words have never been truer, especially at this moment in time.

Let me introduce you to my brother, Gabriel, or as some of us call him, Gabe.


Gabe is my younger brother.  11 years age difference between he and I.  Gabriel was born with a type of dwarfism known as Cartilage Hair Hypoplasia.  From the time he came into the world, he’s been a fighter.  He had no choice but to be, and he’s darn good at it.

His journey with dwarfism and the bumps in the road he’s encountered in his 22 years is a story in itself, however, that is not what I am writing about tonight.

Gabriel is currently in Critical Care ICU.

Needless to say, it has been a rough weekend for Gabe, my mom, step-dad and family.

Unfortunately, the road has just begun.

Gabriel was first diagnosed with Influenza A last Tuesday, January 7th.  By Wednesday, pneumonia was added to the list and he was admitted to the hospital for observation and care.  By Thursday, he was doing better and was released.

It is unbelievable how quickly an illness can take over ones body, because within hours of his release, Gabriel found himself back in the ER struggling for breath.

BiPAP wasn’t working for him.  He fought it tooth and nail.  Fatigue and panic were setting in and the decision to intubate him was made.  The combination of all of this landed him in the ambulance, Omaha bound.

I arrived at the Med Center shortly after Gabriel on Friday afternoon.  It was like a war zone with the Doctors, nurses, fellows, etc.

The Doctor explained Gabriel’s condition in the most forward fashion I have encountered.  Blunt.  Frank.  To the point.

To me, the information was overwhelming but refreshing.

              To Dave, overwhelming but welcomed.

                              To Mom, overwhelming and shocking.

 I can’t imagine a parent’s feeling of helplessness.  It hurts to see my mom and step-dad so concerned and overwhelmed.

But, they are maintaining.

Together, they are strong.

In basic terms, Gabriel is very very sick.  The doctor likened his condition to a bomb having gone off in his lungs.

                                 But, he is also in very very good hands.

Gabriel is on high oxygen support with the ventilator as he is unable to adequately breathe on his own. The Doctor explained on Saturday that he expects Gabriel to be intubated for multiple days due to the severity of his illness and the effect it has had on his lungs. At the time, Gabe was alert and understood what the doctor was saying.

As of today, they have him heavily medicated and sedated as he was using too much oxygen while awake.  Gabriel’s lungs are also too stiff from the fluid build-up, which makes it hard for him to inflate his lungs by himself.  Doctors are pressurizing his lungs with nitrogen to assist him.  This procedure poses a slight issue in that they are unable to follow normal formula’s due to Gabe’s unique size, but they are closely monitoring him.  We also have to limit people in and out of the room in addition to keeping noise levels down.  When noise levels are up and conversations are happening around him, his oxygen levels begin fluctuating.  The doctor wants him still, not agitated and resting.

Today, the doctor also said the healing process could take multiple weeks.

Gabe is in for the long haul and he’s fighting.

So, we wait.  We think positive.  We pray.

Keep my brother in your thoughts and prayers.  The outpouring of love that he and my parents have received already has been astounding.

On behalf of my family, we thank you.

Keep the prayers coming.