Life Hacks

There seems to be a lot of pins, posts, blogs out there about organizing your life and home.   Some of them are genius… while others require so much ground work it isn’t even worth the time.    I thought I would share just a few things that I do in my home that work for me!  Maybe you already do something similar (because they really aren’t that ingenious) or maybe you have something better!  I’d love to hear, so share any tips you have that seem to work for you!

1. Towel rack for my hair dryer, curling iron and flat iron.

Easy to store, easily accessible and I don’t have to wait for the irons to cool down before putting them away.  Score!


2. Container for hair products.

I hate having hair products all over the counter.  The only one I tend to leave out is my hairspray, otherwise, they all go in a tub under the sink.   I can easily pull them all out at once, use what I need and put it all back.


3. Technology Basket

Who doesn’t lose their chargers, earphones, extra cords, etc on the regular?   I have kept all my extra tech gadgets, chargers and cords in this basket for years!  Haven’t lost any of it yet!


4. Dress pant hanger for tanks and cami’s.

I HATE digging through drawers for stuff like this.  Let’s be honest – most of the time the garments never make it back in the drawers once they are out.  Nope!  This pant hanger works great and it hangs right alongside my shirts in the closet.


5. Jewelry organizer

I found this on Etsy a few years back and just LOVE it.   Holds my necklaces and earrings.  I have a bracelet stand too, I just didn’t take a pic of it.  Ladies, don’t use those old school jewelry boxes.  Hello tangled mess!


6. Over the door hanger

All of my workout tank tops go on the back of my bedroom door.  For as often as I teach and hit up the gym, I like to have these tanks as easily accessible as possible.  I’d say I achieved it!


Simple Life Hacks that make my day to day so much easier.