Be Present

Be Present

In The Moment

I used to live my life in every other moment but the present.   I found myself wishing moments away.  Wishing for moments better.  Wishing for moments past.

I didn’t fully appreciate the moment that was happening right in front of me.  

Life is about living in the now, the moment, the here, the present.

This moment right now will never happen again.

Don’t miss the beauty of it.  Don’t wish it away.

The way I live my life has changed over the years.   I make a conscious effort to soak up every moment.  I want to live a full life.   A full existence.

My life is happy and full of love, energy, focus, dedication, enjoyment, appreciation.

Living for today is my happy.

I am happy.

LIFE is happy

My new tattoo symbolizes my effort to be in the moment, every single day, in every single moment.

2015 is here… what are you going to do with it?

Choose to be present.  Choose to be in the moment. Choose happy.