Harley 110th Anniversary- Milwaukee

Vacationing with friends is always an adventure. For us, that adventure is vacationing on our Harley’s. We have traveled together to small rally’s, Sturgis and most recently Milwaukee for the Harley 110th Anniversary.   We call ourselves the Hangover’s on Harley’s crew. Or, HOH for short.

Yes. We are that awesome.


Do you ride a Harley? We might let you in to our group if you meet the awesomeness criteria.


As I was saying, our recent excursion took us to Milwaukee for the 110th Anniversary.  We stayed in Delafield, WI, which is around 20 miles West of the city.  Let me tell you what… that community has some serious money.  GORGEOUS!   The fine people at the Delafield Legion opened up their grounds for bikers to camp for the event.  We positioned our tents around the outskirts of the baseball diamond.  Different experience, but couldn’t have asked for better hospitality.

My birthday actually hit while we were in Wisconsin (hello kick ass 33rd bday celebration)!  Who has the best husband?  That would be me.  He somehow snuck away and found a grocery store in town to surprise me with a cake on our first night there.  Awwww.


Our first full day in Milwaukee we chose to visit the Harley Museum.  So cool to see and experience the history that is Harley Davidson.




We picked up Dumb and Dumber while there.


After the museum we rode through downtown Milwaukee.  It was so busy so we didn’t stick around long. It is hard to maneuver through a city when you are trying to track 6 bikes behind you.  Staying together gets stressful.  We ended up finding a bar and grill outside of the downtown area, fueled up on some good eats and good drinks and then spent a few hours at the SummerFest grounds for some concerts.


We closed out our first full night at our campsite bar as only we can do.   Beer, cardboard pizza and bad pictures.




Stay tuned for our Friday adventures and the traditional Rally Storm.

What do you do for vacations?  Do you vacation with friends?

5 thoughts on “Harley 110th Anniversary- Milwaukee

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  2. How fun! I wish my hubby and I had a core group of “younger” friends who ride. Most of the friends we ride with are older and their wives don’t come a lot of the times. I am totally envious of your mostly young group of Harley women! 🙂

    • We have such a fun group of friends that ride. We are definitely lucky. We are all planning on doing Sturgis this coming August. You and the hubs should make the trip and we’ll all meet up. You will have a blast with us, I promise. 🙂 I have a group of all girls that I ride with too. I plan to do a post about them soon. We started off with just two of us several years ago. This summer we ended up with 10 of us riding on our annual run. So great!

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