Our Harley Davidson Wedding: Part 2


Our wedding took place at Westfair Amphitheater.  This was venue number 2 that was secured less then 3 months prior to our wedding, thanks to our original venue drowning from the crazy Missouri River Flooding.  Talk about last minute stress, but it all worked out.

Clint and I chose to walk each other down the aisle as opposed to me meeting him at the front.   Our lives were already operating as one unit, we had committed to each other long before our wedding date, and it just seemed appropriate to walk down the aisle together.


My younger brother, Gabriel, played guitar for us. We chose the song Beautiful Day by U2 as we all walked down the aisle.  He did such a great job!


The Happy Hubby and Wife!!


Kyle is officially my step-son!  Handsome kid.


Our Beautiful Families



Clint had my ring custom made.  All his idea to do a bar and shield.


In lieu of a traditional guestbook.


And how amazing are these cookies?  One of my besties mom made them for me.  She makes the BEST sugar cookies I have ever had.  Ever.  Think Loft House Sugar Cookies, but better.  Her cookies were the one requirement I had for food.


People ate, drank, socialized and as the sun set, our band set up to start the real party.


We hired Lemon Fresh Day and they rocked the reception from start to end.  We partied until well after midnight, others even longer.  I heard some pretty entertaining stories about hotel pool after-hour shenanigans.  🙂

Beer, rock’n’roll, friends, family and a happy couple.  Wedding Day Success.




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