Making Him Feel Special on his Birthday!

Yesterday was Clint’s 39th Birthday!  One more year until I get to throw a kick-ass 40th.  I am going to start planning now!

Until then, let me recap his 39th.

Present Time!  Why yes, I used leftover Christmas wrapping paper.  It’s called being resourceful, people!


Following up the opening with a cheese-tastic grin!


I ordered him a Samsung Chromebook.  Pretty awesome!   He has broken two laptops in the last few years… fingers crossed this one lasts a little while.  The Chromebook fits his needs perfectly.  The three main staples my friends: YouTube, Craigslist and Facebook. Super high-tech he is.

Next up, dinner at Brother Sebastian’s.  


ImageDon’t we just love iPhone night pics?  Such quality…


Brother Sebastian’s was gorgeous in architecture and ambiance.  The restaurant is divided into multiple dining rooms.  Our room had 6 booths and a fireplace in the middle.  Cozy, comfortable and relaxing.



Each room had the below window’s allowing you to see what people were up to on the other side.  We caught a pretty spectacular comb-over but thought it to be mildly inappropriate to take his picture.  So the window is all you get. 




Clint ordered a Ribeye accompanied by rice and green beans.  He was very excited.  Can’t you tell? 




Clint’s expert culinary review:  “Steak was damn good. Nice flavor, very tender, could have used a little more fat.  I like fat on my steak”

Oh boy….


I had the Chicken Oskar – chicken, crab, asparagus and hollandaise sauce with a baked potato and green beans. 



My expert culinary review: “Delicious.  Just delicious”


I don’t think we are going to be asked to do any important restaurant reviews anytime soon, however, I HIGHLY recommend Brother Sebastian’s in Omaha, NE.


Happy 39th Birthday, Clint!


2 thoughts on “Making Him Feel Special on his Birthday!

  1. Brother Sebastians is fantastic! Such a fun, different place to eat in Omaha….looks like you guys had a great time celebrating!


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