Finding You Lost Motivation


And so here we are.  February.

A whole month into the “Resolutioner” phenomena.    Remember my post in January about focusing on goals rather than resolutions?  How are you doing?

This is your check-in, tell-the-truth, be honest with yourself moment.


Have you lost sight?  Lost a little momentum?

Guess, what?  It’s ok!    I have hit a few bumps in the road, but it’s not stopping me.  I am not throwing in the towel.  This is about setting goals and working towards them through trial and error.  I am happy.  I am in a great place.  I am STILL moving forward. You can too!

Here are 5 ways to check back-in, get back on track and keep on keepin’ on.

1) Reconnect with  Your Goal.

Why did you set this goal?  What was your motive?  What do you foresee happening once you reach said goal?

Find the passion again.  Is it still there?  Is the goal still valid?  Reconnect, make friends with it again.

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2) Build on Small Successes

You set the goal.  Now build on it.  What have you done since January that is moving you towards your goal?  Have you added more exercise into your daily life?  Have you reached out to one or two new people?  Have you started building a portfolio of work accomplishments?

I know you have done something along the way.  Build on those!   You are getting there.  Now, keep the momentum going!


3) Stick to Your Plan

You set a goal and then you set a plan.   Take a step back and visualize.   Are you doing all you can to stick with your plan?  A breakdown is key to your success.  What needs to happen in order to reach the goal?

Is your goal health related?

  • Plan meals
  • Rid your kitchen of processed “foods”
  • Stock-up on the fresh stuff.  Fruits, Veggies!
  • Be creative in the kitchen.  Test new recipes!
  • Move!  Be active!

Is your goal Career related?

  • Gain new perspectives
  • Create new initiatives
  • Pilot new programs
  • Log your milestones to show off during your end of year reviews
  • Show up early
  • Volunteer
  • Help others.  They will return the favor when you need it most!

When your roadmap is clear, you know where you’re going and how you’ll get there.


4) Find an Accountability Partner

Find someone to team up with.  Share, in detail, your goal(s) and the steps you plan to take to reach the goal and hold each other accountable.

Your accountability partner is your go-to person who will assist you, be your cheerleader, pull you up when you are feeling down and keep you honest.


5) Rid Yourself of Negativity

YOU are your own worst enemy.

Don’t listen to those voices in your head.  Those evil ones that tell you~

“You can’t do this”

“You will never reach that goal”

“Girl, you crazy!  Give up now”

Jump off that hamster wheel.  When you keep repeating the same thing over and over again you are going to start believing it.

“I CAN do this”

“I WILL reach my goal”

“Girl, you crazy!  Crazy enough to not stop now”

Hear the difference?

Getting rid of the negative and allowing the positive empowers you to stick to your guns, follow through and reach those goals.



4 thoughts on “Finding You Lost Motivation

  1. Wow I needed this! Was going to text you how I have failed miserably and it is really bringing me down and therefore not even working on it. Thanks for the pep talk! Luv ya


  2. Love all of this…I’m not much of a resolutioner, but love the idea of goal setting. My favorite part is finding an accountability partner….that is necessary for me in about every facet of my life. I NEED someone to help me keep me in check!


    • YES to the accountability partner. Whether it is working out with one person or a class, I always find myself better motivated when surrounded by people. This is probably why I love teaching group ex classes. 😉


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