A Countdown to 2018

In just a few hours many of us will be ringing in the New Year with the clinks of our cheap champagne glasses, kisses from our loves ones, hugs with our friends and family and new goals on the horizon.

If you have certain things you want to accomplish in 2018, I still stand behind the notion of letting go of the New Years Resolutions and instead focus more on goals and the experiences that go alongside them.  I laid out a few steps towards goal setting back in 2014 that you can read here.

In looking ahead at 2018 I actually find myself focusing less on specific goals and more on the bigger picture.

Focusing more on living a life of purpose and intent.

Being truly PRESENT.

Being more observant in my career.

Being MORE present for my husband and his business.

Allowing more time for myself to learn and grow in the areas that mean something to me, my self-awareness, personal health, well-being and my bigger purpose.

Making more time for meaningful conversations with friends.

Being quiet, listening more, saying less.

Canceling out the unnecessary noise that life wraps us up in and spending more time on the quiet.

Being less of a copy and more on owning my original.


Here’s to a great end to 2017.  I hope you grew, you learned and you loved.

Cheers to 2018!






Monday Motivation – Keeping the Momentum

stay motivated


Remember when last week I made the statement that I was taking back my life and creating an equal work/life balance?

Well, I did it.

The gym and I have made amends.   It kicked my ass – I was sore – and it was great.

That gym and I?  We are becoming BFF’s again.

If you remember, Monday morning I got my butt up before 5am and ran to the gym, lifted and ran back home.

The rest of my week in fitness looked a little like this:


4:23am – Alarm

5:00am – Upper weights before class

5:30am – Taught the new Round 60 TurboKick

4:45pm – Taught again!  TurboKick Round 60


4:35am – Alarm

4:55am – 1.25 mile run to the Gym – Lower Weights – 1.25 Mile run back home


4:23am – Alarm

5am – Lunges, Situps

5:30am – Taught Insanity

4:45pm – Taught a second Insanity


4:45am – Alarm

5am – Slow run 1.25 mile run to the gym – That hill kicked my bootay.   Upper weights – 1.25 mile run home.


8am – Subbed for a gal at the Y.  Offered Insanity to a class of 14!


My nutrition was slightly better last week.  Sugar is still a huge deal for me.  And Diet Soda.  They are a real life struggle.  It’s a deep love the three of us have.

The weekend didn’t go so well in the nutrition area.  A lot of booze, pizza, burgers, cookies… you get the picture.   It’s summer.  I have a lot of fun.  One step at a time.


Goals This Week:


  • Make the gym every morning M-F
  • Add an early Saturday morning distance run of at least 5 miles. (which is a LOFTY goal considering Friday is my B-day and we have plans that involve liquor that evening)

Nutrition –

  • Add in a few more glasses of water each day
  • Cut back on the sugar Monday – Thursday.   What about Friday, you ask?

It’s my birthday!

I eat frosting on my birthday.

It is straight up ILLEGAL not to.


Cheers to staying on track, keeping the momentum going and accomplishing new goals.




Self-Reflection and The Impact of Achieving Goals

2013 was a very important year for me.

It was my year of change.  My year of setting goals and conquering the heck out of them.  It was my year to truly see what I was capable of achieving.

As I sat here this evening looking ahead at my 2014 goals and what I had set out to accomplish, I was met with a series of doubts.

Admittedly, I have fallen off track on some of my goals for this year.  Lost focus and ambition.  Doubts.  Fears.

As I was sorting through my thoughts, I found myself doing some serious self-reflection.

I started with January 2013.

My first major goal set for 2013 was to complete a half marathon.  What a major goal that was for me.  A non-runner, in all aspects of the word running, to finishing a half-marathon.  I set the standard high and I achieved.


I realize now how much of an impact accomplishing that ONE goal had on me and how it set into motion all of these other completely incredible events.

I also realize that fear had gripped me for too many years and held me back from making my dreams my reality.

1)  I wanted to step in front of the classroom and teach fitness classes again.

My mind told me I was too chubby.  Who would take me seriously? 

I am too nervous in front of groups of people I don’t know.  I’ll choke.

2) I wanted to complete a Mud Run.

My mind told me that running through mud and water would make my shorts stick to me.  And even worse, that my thighs would make my shorts ride up.  I’d constantly be messing with my clothes!

3) I wanted to become nationally certified again in the fitness industry. 

My mind told me people would judge me.  I don’t look fit enough to lead and inspire others.

4) I wanted to complete a half-marathon

My mind didn’t allow me to tell anyone for weeks for fear that I would fail.

Ugly thoughts.  Very self-deprecating.

Through self-reflection I realize, something changed in me the day I crossed that finish line.

I realized that I was worthy.

I was capable. 

I didn’t have to be first.  I didn’t have to have the ‘perfect’ physique.  I didn’t have to be all these things that had swarmed my head for so long.

I just had to believe in me.


I made the rest of 2013 my year.  I did things that I had held back on for so long.  I did things for me.  I inspired others and didn’t even know I did.

Mud Run?  Check.


I completed a 5K with my mom.  She says I inspired her.

When really, she inspired me.


I became TurboKick Certified

TK St Louis

I was hired at the YMCA and started teaching fitness classes again for the first time since 2006.  I quickly remembered HOW MUCH I loved it.  And missed it.  Why did I ever leave the front of that classroom?


I started this Blog to share recipes, fitness plans, my inspirations, my fears, my thoughts, my life.


I became AFAA Nationally Certified


I let my fears go.

And I let my dreams live.


Self-Reflection and the Impact of Achieving Goals.

My fears are still there, but I am keeping them in check.

My doubts will continue to fight me…..

but I am going to fight back.


What are your dreams?  Why are you holding back?

Set a goal.  Any goal.  Achieve it.

You never know what door it will open.

Finding You Lost Motivation


And so here we are.  February.

A whole month into the “Resolutioner” phenomena.    Remember my post in January about focusing on goals rather than resolutions?  How are you doing?

This is your check-in, tell-the-truth, be honest with yourself moment.


Have you lost sight?  Lost a little momentum?

Guess, what?  It’s ok!    I have hit a few bumps in the road, but it’s not stopping me.  I am not throwing in the towel.  This is about setting goals and working towards them through trial and error.  I am happy.  I am in a great place.  I am STILL moving forward. You can too!

Here are 5 ways to check back-in, get back on track and keep on keepin’ on.

1) Reconnect with  Your Goal.

Why did you set this goal?  What was your motive?  What do you foresee happening once you reach said goal?

Find the passion again.  Is it still there?  Is the goal still valid?  Reconnect, make friends with it again.

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2) Build on Small Successes

You set the goal.  Now build on it.  What have you done since January that is moving you towards your goal?  Have you added more exercise into your daily life?  Have you reached out to one or two new people?  Have you started building a portfolio of work accomplishments?

I know you have done something along the way.  Build on those!   You are getting there.  Now, keep the momentum going!


3) Stick to Your Plan

You set a goal and then you set a plan.   Take a step back and visualize.   Are you doing all you can to stick with your plan?  A breakdown is key to your success.  What needs to happen in order to reach the goal?

Is your goal health related?

  • Plan meals
  • Rid your kitchen of processed “foods”
  • Stock-up on the fresh stuff.  Fruits, Veggies!
  • Be creative in the kitchen.  Test new recipes!
  • Move!  Be active!

Is your goal Career related?

  • Gain new perspectives
  • Create new initiatives
  • Pilot new programs
  • Log your milestones to show off during your end of year reviews
  • Show up early
  • Volunteer
  • Help others.  They will return the favor when you need it most!

When your roadmap is clear, you know where you’re going and how you’ll get there.


4) Find an Accountability Partner

Find someone to team up with.  Share, in detail, your goal(s) and the steps you plan to take to reach the goal and hold each other accountable.

Your accountability partner is your go-to person who will assist you, be your cheerleader, pull you up when you are feeling down and keep you honest.


5) Rid Yourself of Negativity

YOU are your own worst enemy.

Don’t listen to those voices in your head.  Those evil ones that tell you~

“You can’t do this”

“You will never reach that goal”

“Girl, you crazy!  Give up now”

Jump off that hamster wheel.  When you keep repeating the same thing over and over again you are going to start believing it.

“I CAN do this”

“I WILL reach my goal”

“Girl, you crazy!  Crazy enough to not stop now”

Hear the difference?

Getting rid of the negative and allowing the positive empowers you to stick to your guns, follow through and reach those goals.