Motivation Monday – Taking Back Control

My life for the last two weeks has been basically just about work.   Take the fact that it is high traffic time at my place of employment –  plus add in the part that I am going through it as a newbie having only been in this position for 6 months – creates a recipe for some crazy hours. There were nights when I was still sitting at my desk at 10pm.   Most nights 8pm.   Add in the fact that I start my work day at 7:30am and you can imagine the attitude problem I had.

I TRIED to keep a positive outlook – but when you are the only one still at work after the offices close at 6 – you become bitter.  The only workouts I had been getting were Tuesday and Thursday’s, thanks to the classes I teach at the YMCA, so that was adding to my anger.  Exercising is my release.   My stress reducer.   I NEED it.

I was running an accountability group with some pretty special ladies – and that got thrown out the window.  I failed them.  Miserably.    That didn’t help my stress levels knowing I let them down.  I couldn’t even hold myself accountable.  How the hell was I going to help them?

Needless to say… the work / life balance was non-existent.

work life balance

People would tell me to just leave.

 “Your work day is over – go home”

 “Get done what you can, don’t worry about the rest, come back to it tomorrow”  


That simply was/is not an option.  Putting it off just creates more.

So, work, I did.

But this week?  I am claiming my life back.

Starting this morning.

I set my alarm for 4:50am, brushed my teeth, put on my running shoes and ran the 1.25 miles UP hill to my gym.   It felt awesome.   (Hey, Red Lipstick and Sneakers — I ran right by your apartment.  Want to join me on Wednesday morning?)



My hill.  It’s blurry, I get it.  I was running, folks!


Once at the gym I got in a quick 25 minute upper body workout with some weights.   Hell yes.   I felt my strength, focus and determination coming back with each passing rep.


After my weight session, I plugged my ear-buds back in and ran the mostly downhill path back to my house.

It. Was. Awesome

I felt rejuvenated.  Alive.  Ready to conquer the day.

Once home I even did some quick meal prep.

  1. Threw in some frozen salmon fillets in the oven
  2. Started a pot of water to make hard boiled eggs
  3. Warmed up the skillet to make some egg whites for breakfast
  4. Put together a salad to go along with my salmon for lunch.


I am taking back my personal time.   I can feel it.  It’s mine.  

I will see to it this week.


Here’s to Work / Life Balance.





Edited to add:   My work day ends at 4:30.   Today, I left at 6pm.  So… I didn’t get out of there on time – BUT this is the earliest in weeks.  I call this a success. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Motivation Monday – Taking Back Control

  1. YAY to you!!! I used to work late in to the night (and still do sometimes with the volunteer work I do-but that is fun work), but it burnt me out fast and hard. I now MAKE myself balance things the best I can to avoid burn out. SO glad to hear you got a good run/workout in! Keep it up!!


  2. […] when last week I made the statement that I was taking back my life and creating an equal work/life […]


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