TurboKick Certification and St. Louis Adventures

It’s Throwback Thursday.

And I’m throwing it back to September 2013.

That counts, right?


In front of the St. Louis Arch


Last Fall, Clint traveled with me to St. Louis, Missouri so I could attend a TurboKick certification class.    Turbo is one of my favorite classes to teach, aside from Insanity.

TurboKick is a mixture of kickboxing, shadow boxing,  sports drills, yoga, and simple dance moves that is highly choreographed.  Turbo makes you work your butt off while having a total blast.   Now – before you run away screaming because I said the word dance – just know it is nothing like Zumba or Jazzercise.   I am not much of a dancer…. or well… not much of a dancer in the shake your butt “look at me  – look at me” kind of way.  Yuck.  This is different.  It’s fun.  It’s work.  You’ll feel it.


My day started off at the JCC -St Louis which is a BEAUTIFUL facility.  Holy smokes!



All participants signed in, met our instructor Sara, got a folder of information and then got to work!



The outline for the day basically went as follows:

  • Check-in
  • Welcome
  • TurboKick Background Information/History
  • Warm-up
  • Form and Technique Practice
  • Choreography and Physiology
  • Music, proper cueing, attire, creating a fun atmosphere
  • Full Workout – SO FUN!
  • Injury, Incident Reporting, Pregnancies, Age, Adaptations
  • Review technique
  • Small group technique and cueing
    • We were split into groups of 4-5 where we each were given a section to memorize and “teach” the rest of our group members
  • Full Class Demonstration with small group leaders
    • I was chosen from my small group to lead our large group – so fun!
  • Question/Answer Time
  • Practical Tests
    • We were lined up and demonstrated technique and form on cue
  • Written Test
    • Ungraded- completed in a group format.


Sara – our Master Trainer – is in the yellow on the left.  She is SO GREAT!

I am basically dead center in the back row.  See me? 🙂


The Certification was scheduled to run from 8-5, however, we got out a little early since we were basically the best class Sara has ever had.   Clint came to pick me up and we headed back to the hotel so I could shower and then head out for a date night in downtown St. Louis!


First Up:  The Arch of course!






I had visited the Arch YEARS ago with my family, however, it was so cool seeing it again and experiencing the sheer magnitude of this thing.   Sadly we missed the cut off for the rides to the top, but considering my finicky belly, it was probably ok.

After a quick walk around the Arch and tourist watching, we headed down to Laclede’s Landing for some beers and pizza.




What a cool location!  If you visit St. Louis you MUST take a walk through Laclede’s.  Tons of bars, restaurants and even a wax museum!   I was starving by this point after basically exercising ALL day so we landed ourselves at the Morgan Street Brewery.

First up?  A flight of beers, of course!





What a sexy son-of-a-gun that hubby of mine is. 😉


Clint kept talking about how we HAD to order pizza since St. Louis is apparantly known for the Provel cheese they use?  I knew nothing about it, but am always up for some pizza, so we ordered two.   Clint chose the Italian Sausage and Pepperoni and I ordered the Veggie & Portabella.


Oh.  My.  Gosh, you guys.  This pizza is SERIOUS.  

Heavy, rich, and so filling.  I barely could even get down ONE slice.   It was insane.


Sadly no photos, since we took this trip PRIOR to starting up the ol blog.  Who knew I’d want photos of my damn food?  ha

Just trust me.  If you go – order the pizza.  But just one.   And Clint and I both agree that the Veggie & Portabella is THEE way to go.

Following Laclede’s we went to this little corner bar off the beaten path and enjoyed a few beers while we watched and laughed at this large group of folks who had clearly been having a great evening of beer drinking themselves.

Our little trip to St. Louis was a quick one!  Far more time in the car than in the city, however, it was successful!   TurboKick certified and a night out in a new city with my main squeeze.  Can’t think of a better way to spend a random September weekend!



Cheers, my friends.

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